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How we develop attachment Ch 10 Life Span Development II OBJECTIVES What is attachment How and why do we develop attachment relationships What was Your first socialemotional relationship 1 The first special relationship we experience develops between It is believed that this relationship will influence the development What is Attachment Attachment is a strong long lasting emotional connection How do you know an infant is attached to someone Infants show their attachment through How does love develop between mother and child Harry Harlow studied the impact of security and 2 Harry Harlow 1959 The Monkey Love experiments Harlow evaluated whether comfort was more important to infant attachment The young animals were raised by two kinds of One mother was made of soft terry cloth the other made of wire mesh Monkey Love Experiments Harlow s research showed that the Harlow s work suggested that the development of a child s love for their caregiver rather than physiological 3 What does this mean for humans Harlow showed that the development of attachment was closely associated with in early life Further experiments on abusive conditions showed that no matter how abusive the Iron Maidens were the baby monkeys always came back and displayed affection towards them What happened to these monkeys Monkeys raised without their mothers were When confronted with fear they displayed autistic and institutionalized behaviors throwing themselves on the floor clutched themselves rocked back and forth and screamed in terror They were incapable of having sexual relations and they were also unable to parent their offspring Not even in our most devious dreams could we have designed a surrogate as evil as these real monkey mothers were 4 Did Harlow s work influence our society True or false Less than 50 years ago parents were told by doctors that rocking or picking up a crying infant could damage them True or False Lack of attachment can be made up for later in life by a lot of contact with

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