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Intel Preservice Teach to the Future Presentation to the Technology Leadership Academy s Third Annual Fall Institute September 6 2002 Rhonda Christensen Gerald Knezek University of North Texas Intel Preservice Teach to the Future Curriculum Overview Faculty are able to integrate Intel modules into existing course curriculum Curriculum is aligned to ISTE s NETS for teachers Pre service students are given a mechanism to compile an electronic portfolio demonstrating the use of technology integration with multiple applications Key Program Elements For Universities public and private K 12 schools Train the Trainer Model Hands on face to face training Aligned to state and national standards Digital lesson plans created for immediate use in the classroom across content areas Curriculum Overview Created by educators for educators Utilizes essential questions and big ideas to direct instructional design decisions Introduces technology tools and strategies for enhancing learning through research communication productivity and assessment Addresses state and national academic and technology standards Encourages student teachers to work in teams problem solve and participate in peer review of their units Essential Questions To bring meaning and focus to the study of events and topics throughout a project or course which otherwise may seem arbitrary or unrelated To help students personalize knowledge knitting fragments of information into a pattern of meaning To provide students with a compelling question in ageappropriate language that gets to the heart of learning and carries the potential for new discovery To ensure student projects are compelling engaging and require higher order thinking skills so that students are going beyond fact finding to analysis Adapted from Understanding By Design Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe Alexandria VA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 1998 Backward Design Process What Essential Question could be asked to promote higher

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