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Flora of China 15 272 319 1996 OLEACEAE mu xi ke Chang Mei chen1 Qiu Lian qing1 Peter S Green2 Trees or erect or scandent shrubs Branches and branchlets lenticellate Leaves opposite rarely alternate or whorled simple trifoliolate or pinnately compound without stipules venation pinnate or palmate Inflorescences terminal or axillary in cymes panicles racemes umbels or fascicles Flowers actinomorphic bisexual rarely unisexual or polygamous and plants monoecious dioecious or polygamodioecious Calyx 4 16 lobed or parted rarely absent Corolla 4 16 lobed sometimes almost free to base rarely absent lobes sometimes united in pairs at base or into a very short tube Stamens 2 4 inserted on corolla tube or hypogynous anthers dehiscing longitudinally pollen 3 colpate or 3 colporate Ovary superior 2 loculed ovules 2 in each locule sometimes 1 or numerous Style 1 or absent stigma 2 lobed or capitate Fruit a drupe berry capsule or samara Seeds with straight embryo with or without endosperm radicle curved upward or downward About 28 genera and over 400 species tropical subtropical and temperate regions of world but mainly in Asia China has 10 genera and 160 species 95 endemic and is the center of diversity for the genera Forsythia Syringa Osmanthus and Ligustrum Many genera are important economically Fraxinus and Forsythia medicinal ornamental Jasminum Osmanthus and Syringa spice ornamental Olea oil and Fraxinus timber Chang Mei chen Miao Bo mao Lu Rui ling Qiu Lian qing in Chang Mei chen Qiu Lian qing eds 1992 Oleaceae Fl Reipubl Popularis Sin 61 1 222 1a Fruit samara or capsule 2a Fruit samara 3a Fruit surrounded by wing leaves simple 1 Fontanesia 3b Fruit with a elongated apical wing leaves pinnately compound 2 Fraxinus 2b Fruit capsule 4a Corolla yellow lobes imbricate and longer than tube branches hollow or with a lamellate pith 3 Forsythia 4b Corolla not yellow lobes valvate and shorter than or as long as tube branches with a solid pith 4 Syringa 1b Fruit drupe or berry 5a

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