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Mulberry HCI Evaluation Interface Simplification Mini Project Final Report By Mathew Halpern Aaron Powers 1 Table of Contents Introduction Visual Redesign Main Window Scoping Problems Mail Addresses Calendar Tabs Reversing the Maximize Close Widgets Removal of Extra Lines Spacing Issues Icons Labels Email Header Focus Issues Remove Non Standard Widgets New Message Window Received Message Window Toolbar Customizable Toolbar Toolbar Button Titles and Icons Titles Icons Default Button Sets Menus Popup Menus and Dialogs Popup Menus Menus Dialogs Alert Messages Appendices Appendix A Default Button Sets 3 Introduction Each year a new class of 1300 freshmen arrives at CMU For most them it will be their first time using Mulberry Every college or university using the software is in the same situation These facts underscore the necessity of Mulberry being intuitive and easy to learn The goal of the interface simplification mini project is to make many of the main parts of Mulberry easier and more intuitive to learn Making software easy to learn is requires a number of things First one must understand how users learn software which is of course through exploration Carroll and Rosen 1987 Fischer 1991 Users search an interface for the widget that seems most apt to produce results they require Many factors affect a user s ability to find what they are looking for These include the number of interface elements presented to them and the order in which these are displayed The labels used on the interface are also important as well as the labels clarity their mapping to users expectations and their similarity to one another Finally we must understand our users their needs and backgrounds and their mental models of the specific domain of email Our recommendations are the results of rigorous process including scores of user tests heuristic evaluations cognitive walkthroughs and surveys Each change highlighted in this paper will include a summery of the evidence that led to its

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