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Statistical Analysis and Distortion Modeling of MPEG 4 FGS Min Dai Electrical Engineering Texas A M University TX 77843 Dmitri Loguinov Computer Science Texas A M University TX 77843 Hayder Radha Electrical and Computer Engineering Michigan State University MI 48824 1 Background Rate distortion R D theory The fundamental tradeoff in the design of any lossy compression system R A typical R D curve D R D function A bound on achievable or theoretically possible distortion for a given coding rate A powerful tool in Internet streaming 2 Background cont Scalable coding is widely applied in Internet streaming Provides the capability of recovering video information by partially decoding the compressed bitstream Fine Granular Scalability FGS has been chosen in the MPEG 4 standard Fine granular scalability FGS One low bitrate base layer BL to provide a low but guaranteed quality One high bitrate enhancement layer EL to provide fine quality improvement EL can be truncated at any codeword 3 Motivation Current status No current closed form R D model can capture all the complexities of a real encoder No specific work has been done on R D modeling of scalable video coding for Internet streaming Goals in this paper Understand the statistical properties of FGS input and propose a more accurate statistical model for it Study the bitplane coding process in FGS and derive a closed form distortion model 4 Related work on Statistical Models Input to FGS EL DCT residue between the original image and the reconstructed image from BL The two most popular models of DCT residue Zero mean Gaussian distribution f x 1 2 e x2 2 2 Laplacian distribution double exponential x f x e 2 5 Related work on Statistical Models Probability 0 3 1 E 00 real PMF Gaussian Laplacian Probability 0 4 0 2 real PMF Gaussian Laplacian 1 E 02 1 E 04 0 1 0 0 1 E 06 15 10 5 0 5 DCT residue 10 15 0 10 20 30 40 DCT residue The PMF of DCT residue with Gaussian and Laplacian estimations in frame 0 of the Foreman CIF sequence

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