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Syllabus and Topics 33 765 Statistical Mechanics Spring 2010 Robert F Sekerka 6416 Wean Hall Phone 412 268 2362 rs07 andrew cmu edu http sekerkaweb phys cmu edu January 10 2010 Course and Credit 33 765 Statistical Mechanics is a graduate course and carries a credit of 12 0 units Class Schedule This class is scheduled to meet MWF 9 30 10 20 in WEH 7316 There are a total of 43 classes scheduled for the semester The last class is on Friday April 30 The current enrollment is 17 Class attendance is important and correlates strongly with grades University Holidays Mid semester break Friday March 5 Spring break Monday March 8 Friday March 12 Spring Carnival Friday April 16 Exams and Grades There will be a mid semester exam 35 and a three hour final exam 45 Homework will count 20 Late homework will not be accepted 1 Exam Dates Mid semester exam Monday March 1 time and place TBD Final exam To be scheduled by the registrar on one of the following dates May 3 4 6 7 10 11 Attention DO NOT MAKE AIRLINE RESERVATIONS THAT CONFLICT WITH THESE DATES Make your travel plans accordingly Text The textbook for this course is Robert F Sekerka Thermostatistical Physics work in progress available on the course web site as a pdf for your personal use Other Recommended Text RKP R K Pathria Statistical Mechanics Butterworth New York 1996 second edition ISBN 0 7506 2469 8 paperback Available at CMU bookstore HC Herbert B Callen Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics John Wiley Sons New York 1985 ISBN 0 471 86256 8 KW Kerson Huang Introduction to Statistical Mechanics Second Edition Taylor Francis New York 2001 ISBN 0 7484 0942 4 paperback FR Fredrick Rief Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics John Wiley New York 2008 ISBN 10 1577666127 ISBN 13 978 1577666127 MQ Donald A McQuarrie Statistical Mechanics University Science Books Sausalito California 2000 ISBN 1 891389 15 7 Other Books DC David Chandler Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics Oxford University Press

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