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Abstracts Producing Work and the Economy A Central Bank s Communications Strategy The Interplay of Activity Discourse Genres and Technology in a Time of Organizational Change Graham Smart University of Wisconsin Milwaukee This chapter reports on an ethnographic study of the technology mediated discourse practices of a professional organization in a period of major transition Employing theories of genre and activity along with other theoretical constructs the study examined how the Bank of Canada the country s central bank employs a Communications Strategy to orchestrate the organization s communicative interactions with other social groups in the Canadian public policy sphere After identifying a set of written and spoken genres associated with the Communications Strategy the chapter suggests that the genre set and various mediating technologies can be usefully viewed as parts of a local sphere of organizational activity The chapter then describes two features of the genre set the genre knowledge within the community of practice associated with it and the relationship of the genre set to processes of organizational change Next the chapter discusses the role that the genre set plays in the activity of the Communications Strategy focusing on three primary functions cocoordinating the intellectual and discursive work of a large number of individuals performing a variety of professional roles generating shaping and communicating the public information that constitutes the Bank s official public position on its monetary policy and acting as a site for organizational learning The chapter concludes with five theoretical claims regarding the way in which the genre set mediated by technology operates within the Bank suggesting that these theoretical claims might serve as a heuristic for other researchers 2 Structure and Agency in Medical Case Presentations Catherine F Schryer University of Waterloo Canada Catherine F Schryer Lorelei Lingard University of Toronto Canada Marlee

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