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Earl N Phillips School of Business High Point University Course Syllabus Free Enterprise and Capitalism ECO 240 T TH 9 30 10 45 A M Spring 2008 Dr Stephanie O Crofton CATALOG DESCRIPTION An analysis of the merits and ethical foundations of free enterprise and capitalism The principles of free enterprise will be applied to a variety of historical and current issues ranging from business regulation and labor markets to health care economic development in the Third World and the environment PREREQUISITES ECO 207 COURSE TEXTS Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand A schedule of the assigned chapters from Atlas Shrugged will be provided on the first day of class Additional readings about historical and current issues will be assigned throughout the semester These will also be required readings for the course COURSE OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE The objective of this course is to examine the merits of free enterprise and capitalism as presented by several historical and current writers The course will examine both writers who defend free enterprise using ethical arguments and others who emphasize the analysis of the practical outcomes of free enterprise versus government regulation Students should gain a better understanding of how the principles of free enterprise may be applied to a variety of social and economic issues both historical and current As a result of taking this course students should achieve the following outcomes 1 Understand the case for free enterprise based both on economic efficiency and on ethical grounds 2 Understand the principles of Objectivism and their economic implications 3 Understand how the Austrian School of economics links economic freedom to political and personal freedom 4 Understand how the Chicago School of economics applies economic analysis outside of the business arena to issues ranging from law to social issues 5 Understand how the Public Choice School views similarities and differences between choice by consumers in economic markets and choice by

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