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Evaluation of Effectiveness Chapter 19 Chapter Outline I II III IV V Chapter Key Points Evaluating Effectiveness Stages of Copy Testing Media Evaluation Campaign and IMC Evaluation Key Points Demonstrate that you understand why and how advertising evaluation is conducted List and explain the stages of copy testing Identify the key areas of media evaluation Discuss how campaigns and IMC programs are evaluated 1 Evaluating Effectiveness 1 2 Developmental Research Concurrent Research 3 4 Posttesting Research Diagnostic Research Factors to be Evaluated Communication effects Sales impact Copy testing Services Developed norms for product categories 2 Mapes and Ross Measuring Effectiveness Through Evaluation Visit the Site Stages of Copy Testing Message Development Research Message strategy Concept testing Pretesting Diagnostics Stages of Copy Testing Concurrent Testing Tracking studies Attitude tests Wave analysis Consumer diaries Pantry checks Test marketing 3 A Brand Tracking Framework Figure 19 1 Stages of Copy Testing Posttesting Memory tests Persuasion tests Likability tests Inquiry tests Scanner research Single source research Video Snippet How Motorola used research to measure success The Advertising Research Foundation Improving Industry Research Visit the Site 4 Media Evaluation Evaluating Audience Exposure Check estimates in media plan against vehicle performance Critical evaluation is whether reach and frequency objectives were obtained Media Evaluation Media Efficiency Return on investment Wearout Media optimization Campaign and IMC Evaluation Last stage in the development of a campaign plan Determines whether the campaign was effective 5 Direct Response Evaluate ads containing elements that can be returned by using direct response counts Sales Promotion May be necessary to evaluate both trade and consumer promotions Payout plan Breakeven analysis A Sales Promotion Breakeven Analysis Figure 19 2 6 Public Relations Examine the success of the program in getting

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