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Creight Center Grants Grants for Projects and Research Related to Metabolic Disorders A Distribution of Helen Agnes Creight Funds Purpose and Overall Plan All St Christopher s Hospital for Children faculty are encouraged to apply for grant support from the Helen Agnes Creight Funds under one or more of the programs listed below Proposals should reflect the threefold mission of the Helen Agnes Creight Center for Pediatric Metabolic Disorders 1 To enhance the diagnosis and care of children and adolescents afflicted with metabolic disorders 2 To improve the education of both health professionals and the community regarding these disorders and 3 To create and nurture research into these conditions The ultimate goal of the research or project should be to improve health status or access to health care services or knowledge of modifiable risks of metabolic diseases and should encourage through the application process and accountability requirements research that emphasizes collaboration promotes business and community involvement increases infrastructure and research capacity increases the number of new investigators new grants new discoveries and new products leverages new and existing research funds and leads to population based applications that address disparities in health status among various Commonwealth populations The immediate goal of the awards is to promote research and program development at St Christopher s Hospital for Children and the community which it serves All applications must utilize a single PI who must be a member of the medical staff at St Christopher s Hospital for Children with a Drexel University College of Medicine faculty appointment The success of the proposals will be judged by the ability of the funded proposals to attract subsequent extramural funding Creight funds may be awarded to an established investigator or a new investigator they may support an individual or a group The awards are not intended to augment start up funding Awards are

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