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UCSB Marine Climate Observations Dave Siegel Libe Washburn Dan Reed Carter Ohlmann Melanie Fewings Jenn Caselle Mark Brzezinski University of California Santa Barbara UCSB Marine Climate Obs Plumes Blooms bio optics Siegel PI 1996 to present Santa Barbara Coastal LTER kelp forest Reed PI 2000 to present PISCO fish invert recruitment Caselle Gaines Warner 1999 to present PO Observatory HF radar shallow moorings F3 Modeling of connectivity in SoCal Bight UCSB UCLA collaboration Stormwater Plumes WiFS LwN 555 February 15 1998 El Ni o Floods Upwelling Control of Blooms Plumes Blooms Program Understand predict utilize changes in ocean color in the Santa Barbara Channel Monthly day cruises 7 stations Field observations started in 1996 future Measurements CTD optics LwN a b bbb PSD etc NUTs Chl HPLC pigments DOC DIC pSi etc Satellite acquisition analysis Shortly glider observations PnB Sampling Program Cross channel SST Station 1 off Campus Point Station 4 Profile channel center www icess ucsb edu PnB The SBC LTER Conceptual Framework The SBC LTER Conceptual Framework From current SBC LTER proposal sbc lternet edu Climate change effects on giant kelp forests Long term measurements Primary production Giant kelp biomass stoichometry net primary production monthly at 3 sites since 2002 Community structure and foodweb dynamics Abundance and diversity of algae invertebrates and fish annually at 11 sites since 2001 twice per season at 4 sites since 2009 Environmental variables measured Temperature nutrients salinity bottom irradiance swell ht period ranges from minutes to months since 2000 depending on variable Notable findings Disturbance from waves overwhelms bottom up and top down forcing of net primary production by giant kelp Increases in the frequency of intense wave disturbance simplifies kelp forest food webs by preferentially removing foundation species Regional Kelp Dynamics in the SB Channel 1984 2009 El Nino CV 87 El Nino Biomass kg Regional Giant Kelp Biomass

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