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KISHWAUKEE COLLEGE SYLLABUS I COURSE INFORMATION Semester Year Fall 2014 Title of Course of Credits Print Reading for Construction Trades 3 Prefix Course Number Section CAD 131 3001 Class day s Class time Class Location M 6 00 8 45 p m A 1407 Start and end dates 8 25 to 12 16 14 FINAL EXAM 12 16 at 6 00 p m Non Attendance Days Labor Day October Fall Friday Thanksgiving Instructor name Mark Schwendau Office location A 1414 Office hours See the instructor s office door posting and web page Office phone 815 825 2086 x 3480 Lab phones 1407 Ext 6159 1415 Ext 6158 Office hour by appointment Contact the instructor by phone or email Instructor Kishwaukee College email MarkS KishwaukeeCollege edu II COURSE DESCRIPTION Introduces students to the process of interpreting information in architectural construction drawings Develops communication skills that allow for interpretation of graphical data in English Students develop abilities in the use of 2 dimensional 3 dimensional visualization skills and mathematical calculation skills to decipher drawing data Course includes practice in reading professionally prepared architectural construction drawings Recommended for architectural or engineering degree seekers and students interested in construction Three hours lecture discussion a week IAI Number Not applicable Prerequisite None III PROGRAM STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES PSLOs ADAPTED FROM ABET SACS A K COURSE STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES CSLOs 1 Critical Competence 1 1 a ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics science English and engineering graphics 1 2 k ability to use the techniques skills and engineering tools necessary for engineering graphics 2 Creative competence 2 1 b ability to experiment in engineering graphics designs and analyze and interpret data from same 2 2 e ability to identify formulate and solve engineering graphics design problems 3 Communicative Competence 3 1 ability to interpret information in written verbal and visual forms from others 3 2 g ability to

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