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MOLARITY A measurement of the concentration of a solution Molarity M is equal to the moles of solute n per liter of solution M n V mol L 1 Calculate the moles necessary to make 50 0 mL of a 3 0 M solution of hydrochloric acid 2 Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by mixing 23 0 g of NaCl in 500 0 mL of water 3 How many grams of sodium sulfate will be required to make 150 0 mL of a 0 25 M solution MOLARITY DILUTION M1V1 M2V2 The act of diluting a solution is to simply add more water or solvent thus leaving the amount of solute unchanged Q Calculate the concentration of a NaCl solution made by diluting 20 0 mL of 2 55 M with 235 0 mL of water MOLARITY Stoichiometry In the past chapters you measured out a solid reactant and needed to predict the mass of the product You learned to use the molar mass and mole ratio to achieve that goal The same reasoning applies with solution chemistry but instead to using the molar mass you will use the molarity to convert to moles Stoichiometry Flow chart U s e th e m o le ra tio fro m th e b a la n c e d e q u a tio n use M o la rity of A m o le s o f A V o lu m e o f A U s e M o la r m ass of A m ass of A use M o la rity of B m o le s o f B V o lu m e o f B U s e M o la r m ass of B m ass of B Solution Stoichiometry MOLARITY Stoichiometry 1 How much calcium carbonate will be precipitated by adding 40 0 mL calcium chloride to 35 0 mL of 2 55 M potassium carbonate 2 What is the concentration of 50 0 mL of hydrochloric acid needed to completely react with 9 55 g of magnesium metal PRACTICE PROBLEMS 37a 2 4 M 1 What is the concentration of 250 0 mL of 0 60 moles of HCl 3 00 L 2 What volume of 0 7690 M LiOH will contain 55 3 g of LiOH 1 80 L 3 How many liters of water must be added to 100 0 mL of 4 50 M HBr to make a solution that is 0 250 M HCl 39 6 g 4 How many grams of barium sulfate that will precipitate when 500 0 mL of 0 340 M BaCl2 and 300 0 mL of 1 70 M Na2SO4 are mixed 5 How would you prepare 850 0 mL of a 0 020 M

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