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DELTA SPAN 1 - Class information sheet

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Spanish 1. InternetFall 2005Class information sheetDepartment Number: Spanish 1 Title of Course: Elementary SpanishSections: 28029, 27486, 44299Lecture Hours: 5Location: InternetInstructor: Dr. Isabel C. Anievas GamalloOffice hours: Mondays through Friday, 10:00 to 11:00 AM in CUNN 228 or by phone.Email: [email protected]: Extension: 5603 (209-954 5603)Mail address:San Joaquin Delta College Social Sciences Division (Spanish) 5151 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95207-6370Course descriptionThis course is an introduction to the Spanish language and Spanish cultures. Emphasis isplaced on the following skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is very important for this class that you comply with all the technical requirementssuggested on the SJDC web page. However, certain items will be essential for you tosucceed in this class, including a sound card, speakers and a microphone. Also, a 56Kmodem (or faster connection) is strongly recommended. Course objectivesSpanish 1 is designed to develop basic communicative proficiency in listening, reading,speaking and writing. You will actively learn basic Spanish vocabulary and structures, you will listen to a greatdeal of real/life spoken Spanish and will practice simple conversations and commoneveryday linguistic exchanges. You will also learn cultural information about the differentSpanish speaking countries. However, these objectives can only be realized through your regular and activeparticipation in the class.Required textbooks - TEXTBOOK: Renjilian-Burgy, J. Chiquito A.B and Mraz, S. Caminos.Second edition. Houghton Mifflin Company. 2002. - ACTIVITIES MANUAL: Caminos. Second edition. Houghton Mifflin Company.2002 - MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM. Caminos. Second edition. Multimedia CDROM Optional Material:English Grammar for Students of Spanish by Emily Spinelly.Spanish/English Dictionary.Grading policiesThere are two main rules in this class as far as grades are concerned:1. No late assignments, tests or exams will be accepted. When due on line, access tothem will be restricted after the deadline. When sent through regular mail, assignmentshave to be postmarked by the day they are due. 2. Once posted, grades are always final. Class attendance and participation are essential to succeed in this class. Regularattendance and active participation are always key when learning a language, but theybecome even more important in an online environment. Participating regularly andactively in the class will help you be ready for the exams, and will also be a significantpart of your grade in itself. And remember that according to college policy you can (andshould be) dropped for excessive absences (i.e. not logging in the class weekly). In this class you will have a big variety of activities to complete and a wide range ofassignments which will allow you to practice all your skills (listening, speaking, readingand writing). I will expect you to log in every week, complete all the assigned activitieson time and participate actively in group activities and threaded discussions ("Problemasy Preguntas", "Comunicación" , etc.). And remember: no late assignments, tests or examswill be accepted.YOUR FINAL GRADE WILL BE CALCULATED AS FOLLOWS: - Exams (5 x100 points) = 50%(=500 points) - Self tests -or pruebas- (36 tests x 5 points) = 18% (=180 points)- Class participation (threaded discussions, communication activities, voice emails,etc.) (16weeksx6p+1 weekx4p). = 10% ( = 100 points) - Activities Manual (2 preliminary sectionsx 5p.)+(10 chapter lessons x 10p.) = 11%(=110 points) - Journal, video and other assignments (30assignmentsx2 p. ) = 6% (=60 points)- CD-ROM (10 chapter lessons x5 p. ) = 5% (=50 points) GRADE CUTOFFS: 90%-100% = A 80%-89% = B70%-79% = C60%-69% = Dbelow 60% = F HOW TO APPROACH THIS CLASS: It is very important to log in the course regularly and keep up with all the weeklyassignments. This is a 5 credit class, so you can expect to have to put at least 15 hours ofwork per week into it. The key to succeed in this class is to keep up with the assignedwork in a timely manner. And remember: late assignments, tests or exams will not beaccepted. Here are some tips to keep up with your class work: 1. It is always a good idea to read the assigned sections in your Textbook before you loginto the class. It will help you be prepared so that you can better understand thevocabulary and grammar sections, discuss the materials with your classmates, askquestions and participate.2. Once you log in, remember that you need to complete ALL the weekly sections beforethe end of each week (that is, by Sunday 12:00 p.m. Mountain zone time). I wouldrecommend you to follow the order in which the sections and assignments are presentedin the course, since, very often, each section and assignment builds on the vocabulary andgrammar points learnt on the previous ones. Specific instructions for each week'sassignments are posted at the end of each week's section, so make sure you read themcarefully and finish them all.3. At the end of each week you will see a "Problemas y preguntas" and a"Comunicación" section. They are an essential part of your week's work and will accountfor the most part of your participation grade. The "Problemas y preguntas" section is athreaded discussion where you can post any questions you may have about the class sofar (vocabulary, grammar, assignments, policies, etc.) and help answer your classmates’squestions. You are supposed to check this section every week and to post messages in itregularly. I will also be checking this several times a week, so it is the best way tocontact me if you have any problems or questions about the class. I will normallywait one or two days before answering a question (to give you and your classmates anopportunity to participate and discuss the issue) and then I will go ahead and respond toall the questions that remain unanswered and explain or elaborate on the rest whennecessary.And remember that for technical assistance or to report technical problems you shouldcontact the help desk at [email protected] The help desk is staffed

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