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1 From the Department of Bioengineering University of Pittsburgh 749 Benedum Hall Pittsburgh PA 15261 From the 2004 RSNA Annual Meeting Received September 27 2005 revision requested November 14 revision received December 21 accepted January 24 2006 final version accepted February 1 Supported by National Institutes of Health grants 1 R01 EB00860 1 and 1 R01 HL074285 01 Address correspondence to W M C e mail wmchang gmail com Purpose To prospectively evaluate whether ultrasonography US guided vascular access can be learned and performed faster with the sonic flashlight than with conventional US and to demonstrate sonic flashlight guided vascular access in a cadaver Materials and Methods Institutional review board approval and oral and written informed consent were obtained The sonic flashlight replaces the standard US monitor with a real time US image that appears to float beneath the skin and is displayed where it is scanned In studies 1 and 2 participants performed sonic flashlight guided needle insertion tasks in vascular phantoms In study 1 16 participants nine women seven men with no US experience performed 60 simulated vascular access trials with sonic flashlight or conventional US guidance With analysis of variance ANOVA and power curve fitting improvement with practice rate and mean differences between techniques and tasks were examined In study 2 14 female nurses mean age 50 1 years proficient with conventional US performed simulated vascular access trials on three tasks with the sonic flashlight and conventional US With random assignment half the participants used the sonic flashlight first and half used conventional US first Mean performance with each technique and that with each task were compared by using ANOVA In study 3 feasibility of sonic flashlight guidance for access to internal jugular and basilic veins was demonstrated in a cadaver Results For study 1 learning rates ie decrease in access time over trials did not differ for vascular access with

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