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ESSAYS ON OTHER LAWYER LICENSING PROCESSES AND ALTERNATIVES TO THE BAR EXAMINATION The bar examination as it is administered in the various tered there are fewer proposals for other feasible assess U S jurisdictions continues to evolve Most jurisdictions ment methods and we are happy to present the views of a have had over their histories a number of versions of the number of authors to our readers The views expressed by examination for example at different times examinations each of the authors are not necessarily endorsed by the have included oral questions mathematics items or per National Conference of Bar Examiners as our intent was formance tests merely to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas In this issue we have invited essays describing the The magazine welcomes reader reactions to the essays lawyer licensing processes in a handful of foreign coun included in this group The bar admission process will tries and essays on alternatives to or suggestions for continue to evolve as it has for many years and ideas for improving the bar examination While there are many crit ways to help shape its evolution are important for bar icisms of the bar examination as it is currently adminis examiners to consider and discuss THE PROFESSIONALISM CRISIS HOW BAR EXAMINERS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by Clark D Cunningham New Hampshire s pilot project of a performancebased variant of the bar examination described elsewhere in this issue by Justice Linda Dalianis and Professor Sophie Sparrow 1 is a remarkable and exciting initiative by state officials responsible for regulating admission to the bar In particular it is a very promising response to what is widely known as the professionalism crisis THE BAR EXAMINER NOVEMBER In August 1996 the Conference of Chief Justices the CCJ passed a resolution for a National Study and Action Plan regarding Lawyer Conduct and Professionalism In that resolution the CCJ noted a significant decline in professionalism in the bar and a consequent

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