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1 San Joaquin Delta College Spanish 1 Summer 2009 Class information sheet Department Number: Spanish 1 Title of Course: Elementary Spanish Section: 10134 Lecture Hours: 5 Time: MTWTH 8:00-11:30 am Location: SHIMA 122 Instructor: Manuel Camacho Office hours: TBA Location: BUDD 212 E-mail: [email protected] Extension: 5271 Goals and objectives: Spanish 1 is designed to develop basic communicative proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will actively learn Spanish vocabulary and structures, you will listen to a great deal of real/life spoken Spanish and will learn cultural information about the different Spanish speaking countries. However, these objectives can only be realized through your active participation, both in and out of the class. Required Materials: - Textbook: Blanco, A. José and Late, Philip Redwine Donley, Vistas. Third edition. Vista Higher Learning. 2008. - Workbook/Video Manual: Vistas. Third edition. Vista Higher Learning. 2008. - Lab Manual: Vistas. Third edition. Vista Higher Learning. 2008. - Fotonovela Video DVD: Vistas. Third edition. Vista Higher Learning. 2008. - VHL Intro Spanish Pocket Dictionary & Language Guide. -Lab Audio Program, Textbook Activities & Vocabulary MP3s. Available on the Supersite.2 Material Description: Textbook. Vistas. Third edition: For in class use and daily study. I will collect the assigned sections of your Textbook/Workbook and Video Manual electronically. Student Lab Audio Program: The Audio Program Available on the Supersite provides focused listening practice that further develops pronunciation and speaking skills. These materials are necessary for completing the exercises in the Lab Manual & Vocabulary sections of the textbook. The program is available also as MP3 files on the Vistas student website. Fotonovela Video DVD: The Fotonovela DVD provides the complete Fotonovela Video Program with subtitles. Vistas website: Includes online Textbook/Workbook/Video Manual/Lab Manual, plus all the Tutorials. How to approach each lesson: 1. Always begin with the assigned sections in the Textbook before coming to class. Prepare for them so you can discuss, ask questions and participate. 2. After the class review the materials covered and go to the Workbook/ Video and Lab Manual. Complete all the activities in the assigned section for the day and then go back over them and correct your work using the Answer Key. 3. Finally, explore the extra stuff that will make this language fun and interactive . You can do everything online on the Vistas Supersite. Evaluation: - Partial Exams (3 x 15%) 45% - Final Exam 15% - Dialogue 20% - Completed Homework 20%3 Grade Cutoffs: 90%-100% = A 80%-89% = B 70%-79% = C 60% to 69% = D below 60% = F Class participation Class attendance and regular participation are essential to succeed in this class. Attendance is essential in learning a language! And, remember that, in accordance with college policy, you can be dropped for “excessive absence” (15 lecture hours or more). Academic Honesty: According to new college policy, if a student is discovered cheating the instructor has the right to file an academic dishonesty report and fail that exam or assignment or even the entire course for everyone involved in the incident. Tips: - Come to class every day and be as well prepared as possible. - Keep up with the exercises in the Textbook/Workbook/Video and Lab Manual. Do all the assigned section on a daily basis. Study the corresponding section in your textbook first, then move on to the exercises in your workbook and do them without referring to the answer key and, finally, correct your answers against the key. - Don’t hesitate to ask questions, before, during or after class and visit me during office hours. - Make friends with your classmates and exchange phone numbers. Learning Spanish will be more fun and you will have somebody to help you catch up if you have to miss a class. - Explore radio, television, music, movies, and magazines in Spanish, try to select topics that interest you, and enjoy learning a new language. ¡Bienvenidos a clase y muy buena

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