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http spider georgetowncollege edu htallant border bs10 fr metz htm Border States Journal of the Kentucky Tennessee American Studies Association No 10 1995 PINEY RIDGE TRILOGY JANICE HOLT GILES S ESSAY OF PLACE Clara L Metzmeier Campbellsville College A sense of place results gradually and unconsciously from inhabiting a landscape over time becoming familiar with its physical properties accruing a history within its confines Kent C Ryden The social history of rural Adair County Kentucky in the 1930s and 1940s unfolds as one reads Janice Holt Giles s The Enduring Hills 1950 Miss Willie 1951 and Tara s Healing 1951 the novels that comprise the Piney Ridge Trilogy Giles brings the reader to Piney Ridge by using detailed descriptions of the landscapes and by accurate reporting of the traditions and life styles of the people Giles provides continuity of plot and setting by developing some of the same characters throughout the three novels and by constructing a literary map of Piney Ridge that includes roads houses woods and hills She adds reality and history to this map by labeling each place with the name of the owner or the purpose of the building Because her map includes such intimate details it is different from a highway map or a map in a geography book When the reader studies Giles s map memories of Piney Ridge people recur and a sense of place gradually and unconsciously forms The little square marked Hod Pierce on the Piney Ridge Map for example calls up more than just a house located on Whispering Creek The reader remembers that in The Enduring Hills Hod and Mary Pierce decide after the close of World War II and after a few years of working in Louisville Kentucky that they would live on Piney Ridge the home of Hod s family for seven generations The reason Hod and Mary believe it is necessary for Hod to return to his childhood home after many years absence is that both seek a balance between their place of residence and their spiritual needs The reader recalls

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