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CUAHSI Focus of a National Program for the Geophysical Characterization of Surface and Subsurface Hydrology A Proposal Need for a New Level of Coordination Among Geophysicists and Hydrologists1 Surface geophysics is the only hydrological tool that allows one to remotely and non invasively characterize the physical properties of materials in situ as well as to define subsurface features controlling the volumetric distribution of water and the direction and magnitude of its flow In addition if boreholes are available then critical constraints on physical properties in the third dimension are provided by downhole hole to hole and hole to surface geophysical measurements While over the last several decades enormous advances have been made in the acquisition processing and interpretation of geophysical data in order to address the increasing needs of society to quantitatively characterize develop manage and allocate our nation s water supplies we require a substantially enhanced level of coordination communication and application of technology that only a national organization like CUAHSI can provide2 Information that Hydrologists Need The contemporary intersection of hydrology and near surface or environmental geophysics is a field of increasing relevance to the stewardship of fresh water The success of many hydrological field investigations is often a consequence of the prudent choice of the most appropriate geophysical tools by field savvy personnel along with a comprehensive reality check against the ground truth of field samples drilling and in situ hydraulic testing Fundamental questions about a field site that are readily resolved by a combination of geophysical methods are a Is a site mantled with a thin veneer of soil underlain directly by bedrock or by a relatively thick section of unconsolidated sand and gravel if the former applies b Can one delineate the fabric of or fracture zones in the bedrock whereas if the latter applies c What is the stratigraphy and

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