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NEW COURSE IN SERVICE LEARNING!!!!Project FOCUSEDMG 4950 Special TopicsSpring 2009 (CRN 21555)Thursday 3:30-4:45Course Description:FOCUS Goals:Course Credit:NEW COURSE IN SERVICE LEARNING!!!!Project FOCUS EDMG 4950 Special Topics Spring 2009 (CRN 21555)Thursday 3:30-4:45Course Description: Project FOCUS places GCSU students with backgrounds in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) into local schools to improve content awareness among 4th – 12th grade school children and their teachers. FOCUS is a service learning course in which GCSU students provide a much-needed service to local schools and, in the process, learn a little about themselves and about public education. FOCUS is not a teacher training course, and students are not required to have teaching experience. Students work approximately three hours each week inthe classroom with a partner teacher. Much of this time is spent working on science, technology, or math content with individual students, small groups of students or the whole class. FOCUS students will help plan lessons or hands-on activities, will meet with other students in the program for a one hour a week seminar, and will write a weekly reflective essay. We anticipate the course responsibilities will take approximately 8-9 hours per week. FOCUS Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 12 hours in the STEM area you want to work.FOCUS Goals: Project FOCUS has the following goals:- Improving the science, technology, and mathematics experiences and content knowledge of middle level students in the GCSU area through relevant and hands-on instruction- Increasing awareness among these students about career opportunities in STEM fields- Providing experiences to students and teachers that will bring about more positive attitudes about science, technology, and mathematics- Improving the content knowledge and confidence of local teachers to bring about sustained, positive changes in how they approach science, technology, and mathematics- Developing a sense of community involvement for GCSU students that will continue after graduation- Enhancing the communication and leadership skills of GCSU students- Providing classroom experiences for GCSU students contemplating a career in teachingCourse Credit: Students interested in participating in Project FOCUS should email Dr. Charles Martin, FOCUS Coordinator at [email protected] or phone at 478-445-2128. Once accepted into theprogram, students should then enroll in EDMG 4950 Special Topics (CRN 21555) for 3 credits under Mary

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