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UTAFlTl NOTES This year, the Department of Education has been involved in heavy groundwork in preparation for the fundamental changes in the course structure to accorrunodate a four-year training programme in education which was to start at the beginning of the Academic Year 1980/81. The programme is designed to be a qualitative improvement over the old three year progr~me which has been in operation since the Department was established in the 1960's. The four-year programme is intended to pay attention and do justice to the profession, to the educationists-to-be, to the disciplines to be taught, as well as to the. growing demand for better-read, better-trained, and better-qualified personnel, not only in the teaching profession, but also in areas of educational research, planning and administration, guidance and counselling and project planning, execution and evaluation. Plans to create a full Faculty of Education are already at advanced stages, and the question now is not whether there should be a Faculty of Education, but how it can be established with minimumcosts and without undue delay. From the 15th and 16th February, the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics sponsored a seminar intended to stimulate critical thought on th.e impact on the University of the expected change of the mediumof instruction in Tanzanian Secondary Schools and Colleges from English to Swahili. It was attended by people from the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of National Culture and Youth, and from various Departments on the Campus. The CorrununicationSkills progra:mme has registered success after a year of initial organisational hurdles and efforts. The course is now being offered as an examinable course in the' Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, and Science. The .Faculties of Law, Engineering and Agricultur~ are still considering entering this scheme which is intended to improve students' language proficiency. The Economics Department has been involved in a number of research activities. A study on fish consumption patterns in Dar es Salaam has been undertaken for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. 181

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