Proceedings of LFG08


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Proceedings of LFG08 Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King (Editors) 2008 CSLI Publications Contents 1 Editor’s Note 4 2 Alex Alsina: A Theory of Structure-Sharing: Focusing on Long-Distance Dependencies and Parasitic Gaps 5 3 Maia Andréasson: Not All Objects Are Born Alike: Accessibility as a Key to Pronominal Object Shift in Swedish and Danish 26 4 Avery D. Andrews: The Role of PRED in LFG+Glue 46 5 Ash Asudeh, Mary Dalrymple, and Ida Toivonen: Constructions with Lexical Integrity: Templates as the Lexicon-Syntax Interface 68 6 Mohammed Attia: A Unified Analysis of Copula Constructions in LFG 89 7 Brett Baker and Rachel Nordlinger: Noun-Adjective Compounds in Gunwinyguan Languages 109 8 Tina Bögel, Miriam Butt, and Sebastian Sulger: Urdu Ezafe and the Morphology-Syntax Interface 129 9 Kersti Börjars and Nigel Vincent: Objects and OBJ 150 10 Gerlof Bouma, Jonas Kuhn, Bettina Schrader, and Kathrin Spreyer: Parallel LFG Grammars on Parallel Corpora: A Base for Practical Triangulation 169 11 Claire Bowern: Bardi Complex Predicates as a Challenge to Mono- tonicity 190 12 George Aaron Broadwell: Turkish Suspended Affixation is Lexical Sharing 198 13 Özlem Çetinogˇlu and Miriam Butt: Turkish Non-canonical Objects 214 14 Marie-Elaine van Egmond: Incorporated Adjunct Classifiers in Anin- dilyakwa: An Empirical Challenge to LFG 235 15 Marie Fellbaum Korpi: LFG Architecture, Semantic Definiteness Struc- tures and Nonverbal Syntactic Constructions 252 16 Anna Gazdik: French Interrogatives in a OT-LFG Analysis 272 17 Dag Haug: Tense and Aspect for Glue Semantics: The Case of Par- ticipial XADJs 291 18 Anna Kibort: On the Syntax of Ditransitive Constructions 312 19 Helge Lødrup: Local Binding without Coargumenthood: Norwegian Noun Phrases 333 2 20 Elisabeth Mayer: Clitics on the Move: From Dependent Marking to Split Marking 352 21 Ingo Mittendorf and Louisa Sadler: NP Would Like to Meet GF: A Welsh Adjectival Construction 373 22 Rachel Nordlinger and Louisa Sadler: From Juxtaposition to Incorpo- ration: An Approach to Generic-Specific Constructions 394 23 Lilja Øvrelid: Functional Features in Data-Driven Dependency Pars- ing 413 24 Syed Muhammed Jafar Rizvi: Indications of Urdu Tetravalent Verbs Having ‘Oblique Agents’ in the Argument Structure 434 25 Melanie Seiss: The English -ing Form 454 26 Anne Tamm: Partitive Morphosemantics across Estonian Grammati- cal Categories, and Case Variation with Equi and Raising 473 3 1 Editor’s Note The program committee for LFG’08 were Kersti Börjars and Martin Forst. We would like to thank them again for putting together the program that gave rise to this collection of papers. Thanks also go to the executive committee and the re- viewers, without whom the conference would not have been possible. The local or- ganizing committee consisted of Avery Andrews, Wayan Arka, Rachel Nordlinger, and Jane Simpson, who worked together to put on yet another successful confer- ence. We would like to thank Linguistics RSPAS ANU, Linguistics The Faculties ANU, University of Melbourne, and University of Sydney. The table of contents lists all the papers presented at the conference. Some papers were not submitted to the proceedings. For these papers, we suggest con- tacting ...

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