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Computer Science-1 Computer Science Faculty: Martinovic Chair; DePasquale, Knox, Li, Neff, Pulimood, Wolz Faculty from mathematics with joint teaching appointments in computer science: Conjura, Iannone The computer science curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment as computer science specialists, as well as to provide a strong background for advanced study. The BS in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). All students take courses in problem solving and programming fundamentals, software engineering, data structures, operating systems, compilers, computer organization, and algorithm analysis. Upper-level options provide exposure to a range of subdisciplines including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, databases, graphics, information retrieval, networks, and programming languages. Special topics courses offered each semester offer the opportunity to study and work with the latest trends in technology. Students participate in research and/or industry experiences, which culminate in professional presentations. Students balance their studies with course work in mathematics and science, as well as in arts, humanities, history, and the social sciences. A total of at least 32 course units is required for graduation. The Department of Computer Science supports and encourages its students to consider including a study abroad semester as part of their curriculum. For more information about studying outside of the United States without delaying your graduation, please speak to your academic advisor and visit the college office of Undergraduate Global Programs. Requirements for the major: I. Required Courses (seven or eight course units) CSC 220/CS I: Computational Problem Solving* 1 course unit CSC 230/CS II: Data Structures and Algorithms* 1 course unit *CSC 250/Accelerated CS I and II (one course unit) may fulfill the CSC 220 and 230 requirement — by permission Additional Required Courses (six course units) CSC 310/Discrete Structures of Computer Science 1 course unit CSC 325/Computer Architecture 1 course unit CSC 330/Operating Systems 1 course unit CSC 340/CS III: Programming in the Large 1 course unit CSC 410/Advanced Analysis of Algorithms 1 course unit CSC 434/Compilers and Interpreters 1 course unit II. Computer Science Options (four or five course units) Select three courses from the following “A” list. Students who take CSC 250 must select four courses. Students may take additional options courses for free elective credit (exception: placement out of WRI 102 or foreign language must be replaced by liberal learning courses, not CSC courses). PART A: Choose three courses from the following: 3 course units CSC 320/Information Retrieval CSC 350/Digital Computer Graphics CSC 360/Networks CSC 380/Artificial Intelligence CSC 390/Programming Languages CSC 446/Database Management Systems CSC 460/Theory of Computation CSC 470/Topics in Computer Science

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