Evolutionary dynamics on graphs


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letters to nature Received 24 September accepted 16 November 2004 doi 10 1038 nature03211 1 MacArthur R H Wilson E O The Theory of Island Biogeography Princeton Univ Press Princeton 1969 2 Fisher R A Corbet A S Williams C B The relation between the number of species and the number of individuals in a random sample of an animal population J Anim Ecol 12 42 58 1943 3 Preston F W The commonness and rarity of species Ecology 41 611 627 1948 4 Brown J H Macroecology Univ Chicago Press Chicago 1995 5 Hubbell S P A unified theory of biogeography and relative species abundance and its application to tropical rain forests and coral reefs Coral Reefs 16 S9 S21 1997 6 Hubbell S P The Unified Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography Princeton Univ Press Princeton 2001 7 Caswell H Community structure a neutral model analysis Ecol Monogr 46 327 354 1976 8 Bell G Neutral macroecology Science 293 2413 2418 2001 9 Elton C S Animal Ecology Sidgwick and Jackson London 1927 10 Gause G F The Struggle for Existence Hafner New York 1934 11 Hutchinson G E Homage to Santa Rosalia or why are there so many kinds of animals Am Nat 93 145 159 1959 12 Huffaker C B Experimental studies on predation dispersion factors and predator prey oscillations Hilgardia 27 343 383 1958 13 Paine R T Food web complexity and species diversity Am Nat 100 65 75 1966 14 MacArthur R H Geographical Ecology Harper Row New York 1972 15 Laska M S Wootton J T Theoretical concepts and empirical approaches to measuring interaction strength Ecology 79 461 476 1998 16 McGill B J Strong and weak tests of macroecological theory Oikos 102 679 685 2003 17 Adler P B Neutral models fail to reproduce observed species area and species time relationships in Kansas grasslands Ecology 85 1265 1272 2004 18 Connell J H The influence of interspecific competition and other factors on the distribution of the barnacle Chthamalus stellatus Ecology 42 710 723 1961 19 Paine R T Ecological determinism in the competition for space Ecology 65 1339

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