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Pickup Truck One pickup truck is needed on almost every golf course for transportation and moving purposes Power Sod Cutter At least one power sod cutter is recommended Heavy Duty Wood Chipper A heavy duty wood chipper will prove exceptionally helpful at every golf course that has a reasonable number of trees Trencher One trencher is needed for drainage and other installations Small Equipment Three or four hand rotary mowers three or four weedeaters two power bunker edgers one clubhouse reel mower etc are minimum requirements Sheer Seeder For use on heavy wear areas Fairway Vertical Mower Depending on area and grass type a self propelled vertical mower or interchangeable attachment is needed for overseeding purposes especially on those golf courses with fairway thatch problems Tree Pruning Equipment This to include one or two chain saws extendable pole saws and regular pruning equipment Shop Equipment To include bedknife and reel grinders table saws a steam cleaner air compressors a small hydraulic hoist a welder paint sprayers drill press and many other pieces of equipment vital to golf course operations Irrigation Equipment Equipment needed for irrigation and pumping stations will vary according to the type of system in operation If any tools are needed to operate the irrigation system include them in this list Miscellaneous Hand Equipment This area covers shovels picks cup cutters rakes and all other small items needed for regular golf course maintenance Because of regional variations this list may not include all the equipment your club might require or it may exceed the necessities of your area but it is suggested as a basic list of equipment required for maintaining a ninehole or 18 hole golf course If you wish to streamline your maintenance operation and derive maximum benefit from your maintenance staff equip them with the necessary tools to provide the maintenance results expected by the membership Answering the Most Asked Questions About the Golf Course

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