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Pickup Truck One pickup truck is needed on almost every golf course for transportation and moving purposes. Power Sod Cutter At least one power sod cutter is recommended. Heavy-Duty Wood Chipper A heavy-duty wood chipper will prove exceptionally helpful at every golf course that has a reasonable number of trees. Trencher One trencher is needed for drainage and other installations. Small Equipment Three or four hand rotary mowers, three or four weedeaters, two power bunker edgers, one clubhouse reel mower, etc., are minimum requirements. by KEITH McLAIN INC. Houston, Texas THE SPRINKLER heads pop up and water rushes forth. The water is projected across the greens, tees, and fairways, sustaining the life of the turf. The value of water to golf course maintenance cannot be over- stated. Without functioning irrigation systems, most courses would cease to exist. Water is the life's blood of a golf course. The irrigation lines to the sprinkler heads act as the circulatory veins and the pump station as the heart of the system. What comprises a typical pump station? The irrigation needs of each golf course are as individual as the courses themselves, but the average station consists of a jockey pump, two booster Sheer/Seeder For use on heavy wear areas. Fairway Vertical Mower Depending on area and grass type, a self-propelled vertical mower or inter- changeable attachment is needed for overseeding purposes, especially on those golf courses with fairway thatch problems. Tree-Pruning Equipment This to include one or two chain saws, extendable pole saws, and regular pruning equipment. Shop Equipment To include bedknife and reel grinders, table saws, a steam cleaner, air com- pressors, a small hydraulic hoist, a welder, paint sprayers, drill press, and many other pieces of equipment vital to golf course operations. or main pumps, a hydropneumatic tank, a control valve, and a controller. The jockey and booster pumps can be verti- cal turbine or centrifugal pumps. The simplest explanation describing the two types of pumps would be: A vertical turbine pump sits below water level with the motor above water level. The bell-shaped pump is at the end of a standard six-foot column. It has multi- stage impellers creating pressure that forces the water up the pump column. With a centrifugal pump, both the pump and motor sit above water level and have a suction pipe with a foot valve and intake screen going into the water. The different components are situated on a steel base or concrete slab near a lake or pond. Each part contributes to the overall purpose of bringing a con- Irrigation Equipment Equipment needed for irrigation and pumping stations will vary according to the type of system in operation. If any tools are needed to operate the irrigation system, include them in this list. Miscellaneous Hand Equipment This area covers shovels, picks, cup cutters, rakes, and all other small items needed for regular golf course mainte- nance. Because of regional variations, this list may not include all the equipment your club might require, or it ...

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