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Quality of Life and Psychosocial Profile Among Young Women With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Therese Grant Ph D 1 Janet Huggins Ph D 1 Paul Connor Ph D 1 Ann Streissguth Ph D 1 1 D epartm ent of Psychiatry and B ehavioral Sciences Fetal Alcohol and D ru g Unit U n iversity of W ash in gton S ch ool of M edicin e Prenatal alcohol exposure can result in a range of neurodevelopmental disorders termed fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD Clinical reports indicate a poor quality of life QOL among individuals with FASD however QOL has not been formally assessed and reported in this population We describe psychosocial and QOL assessment scores among 11 women with FASD These women had poor QOL scores and high levels of mental health disorders and behavioral problems relative to standardization samples and other at risk populations We suggest that psychiatric distress may play a substantial role in the reduced quality of life reported among adults with FASD Keywords developmental developmental disability FAS fetal alcohol spectrum disorders fetal alcohol syndrome intellectual disability mental retardation psychiatric disorder psychosocial assessment quality of life substance abuse etal alcohol syndrom e FAS and alcoh ol related n eu rodevelopm ental disorders ARND are perm anent birth defects caused by m aternal alcohol use during pregnancy FAS is a leading preventable cause of intellectual disability 1 Depending on dose timing frequency and genetic susceptibility prenatal alcohol exposure can result in a range of neurodevelopm ental disorders including FAS and ARND that have been termed fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD 21 27 The neuropsychological deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure affect multiple areas of functioning 17 Even if an affected individual has intellectual abilities in the normal range other problem s in adaptive behavior attention mem ory abstract thinking and executive functioning i e cognitive abilities that include sequencing of

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