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Political Science The Political Science Department s belief is that students will experience academic and life long learning in two realms First students will explore different approaches to the study of politics Through this exploration they will 1 reflect on the relationship between ethics and politics 2 develop their individual powers of inquiry and critical thought 3 achieve a breadth of knowledge about the world and its diversity 4 relate theories of politics to the practice of political life The second goal of the mission is for students to develop an emphasis based on their primary interests Through these emphases students will 1 understand at least one primary research method appropriate to the study of politics 2 examine the relationship of this selected area of investigation to the broader study of politics The Department s dual goals of exploring different approaches to politics and developing a student s academic emphasis serve two educational outcomes liberal learning and global citizenship civic engagement Liberal learning challenges students to develop and utilize their capacities in 1 critical thinking 2 oral and written communication 3 cross and multi disciplinary approaches 4 cultural competency 5 ethical reflection 6 information literacy Students in Political Science are also equipped with the tools necessary for global citizenship and civic engagement by 1 acquiring a breadth and depth of content knowledge in the two emphases areas of public policy law and international Relations 2 applying their knowledge and skills through experiential learning opportunities including study abroad internships regionally and nationally Model United Nations service learning community and political activism and policymaking

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