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HEALTHCARE Selling Our Service Just for the health of it Customer Satisfaction There s No Going Back Putting the Patient First Who are the experts Outside of health care Disney Pearls 1 Finish Strong It s not the beginning of the customer s interaction with us that is important It is the end of the interaction that leaves the biggest impression The final customer interaction is what resides in the memory of your customer Ask yourself what value added customer service can I provide that will end with a big WOW from customers 2 Get the Bad Experiences Out of the Way Early Customer service science tells us to save the best for last and get the unpleasant side of business out of the way early in the process Freeing customers from the bad experiences early allows them to focus on the overall positive aspects of your service 3 Combine the Pain Segment the Pleasure Customer s time perception is linked to the number of breaks in the experience Smaller chunks of pleasant experiences will be perceived as greater than one large segment Disney incorporates this principle by having shorter amusement rides giving the customer a better experience So combine unpleasant tasks together and break up the enjoyable parts of the business process 4 Build Commitment Through Choice Provide your customers with choices in the product or service delivery One study revealed blood donors experienced less perceived pain when they had a choice of which arm the blood would be drawn from create choices wherever possible 5 Give People Rituals and Stick to Them Behavioral science tells us that people find comfort in regular repetitive rituals Rituals can vary from quick phone call response times to a weekly progress report Build them in an be consistent always Nordstrom The Nine Management Principles of America s 1 Customer Service Company 1 Provide your customers with choices of products services and service channels 2 Create an inviting place for your customers in person online and on the phone 3 Sell the relationship Service your clients through the products and services you offer More Nordstrom 4 Hire nice motivated people 5 Empower employees to take ownership by minimizing the rules 6 Sustain the people on the frontlines through a culture of support and mentorship 7 Nurture a service culture through recognition and praise 8 Advocate teamwork through internal customer service 9 Commit 100 to customer service Ritzy Customer Service Three Steps of Service Step 1 Warm welcome Step 2 Anticipation and compliance Step 3 Fond farewell Ritz Exceptional Service Secrets Step 1 Select the right people So they spend more time recruiting and hiring the right people Step 2 Set performance standards Design and develop how employees are supposed to act and respond to customer needs and requests Step 3 Sustain on going training and reinforcement Good customer service skills do not come naturally Step 4 Specify consequences for behaviors You must hold people accountable Reward those who exceed the standards and develop those who do not So WHY Do WE Care 1 Because this is what we do and why we exist St Vincent Core Value 5 Respect We recognize the sacred worth and dignity of each person In our presence people feel comfortable and worthwhile Why St Mary s Grand Junction Core Value 5 Respect We recognize the sacred worth and dignity of each person Why 2 Because we are a business that delivers a service and product If we don t compete we re out of business Only 4 of customers ever formally complain Seven out of ten customers who complain will do business with the organization again if the complaint is resolved in their favor Why If the complaint is resolved on the spot 95 of customers will give repeat business The average business spends six times more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing customers One dissatisfied customer will tell at least 9 other people Each of those 9 will tell 5 more At least 54 people will hear about the unpleasant experience And most fundamentally It is the practice of nursing under the law Montana Wyoming Colorado MT Practice of professional nursing means the assessment nursing analysis planning nursing intervention and evaluation in the promotion and maintenance of health the prevention casefinding and management of illness injury or infirmity and the restoration of optimum function WY assessment diagnosis planning intervention and evaluation The nursing process is utilized in the promotion and maintenance of health case finding and management of illness injury or infirmity restoration of optimum function and achievement of a dignified death CO Providing therapy and treatment that is supportive and restorative to life and well being either directly to the patient or indirectly through consultation with delegation to supervision of or teaching of others unlikely any of that will happen effectively if the customer is scared to death wants out doesn t like or trust the nurse has no faith in the system believes caregivers are incompetent or that they really don t care what happens So What Should We Do Decide What is the Product and Who is the Customer Think Like Mickey and Tinkerbell Make the experience safe predictable and ritualized Maybe even pleasantly memorable Think Shopping and Hotels hospitality What are their preferences Why do they think they are there What do they expect What has been their previous experience What is most important to them today KNOW your customers and your community Meet their expectations every time Recover immediately when you blow it Follow with something positive Take responsibility and apologize End with a WOW Pleasantly surprise them Get the bad stuff out of the way first Be 100 consistent and predictable Remember Not everyone is hard wired to deliver customer service to be a consistent team player and to think marketing we have LOTS of lone wolves and inconsistent performers Everyone can learn if the expectation is set supported role modeled and rewarded Measure measure measure And This is fun

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