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Integrative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer Fo o d a s M e d i c i n e Chickpea and Squash Stew Phytonutrients Lycopene beta carotene zeaxanthin allyl sulfides quercetin Nutritional and Medicinal Benefits of this Recipe Chickpeas are a good source of vegetable protein containing about a quarter of your daily protein needs in a cup The chickpeas and squash also make this dish high in insoluble fiber which could help promote bowel movements and might be beneficial for those with constipation Allyl sulfides in onions might help in lowering cholesterol levels In addition the colorful phytonutrients lycopene and beta carotene are good for your eyes and are also powerful antioxidants that can help prevent and reverse cell damage in your body TCM Dietary Therapy This recipe uses warming spices such as cinnamon and cayenne pepper These spices are used in Chinese dietary therapy to warm the body in the colder months Likewise these spices should be avoided in the summer as it can tax the body to be exposed to warming spices in hot weather 2 cans chickpeas 2 cups squash cubed 1 15 oz can chopped tomatoes 1 onions chopped 3 cloves garlic chopped 1 teaspoon cumin seed or ground teaspoon cinnamon teaspoon cayenne pepper less or more to taste 2 cups water Salt pepper 1 Saut the chopped garlic and onion for 2 3 minutes until the onion is soft and translucent 2 Add the spices cumin cinnamon and cayenne and cook for a few moments until very fragrant 3 Add the chickpeas squash tomatoes and water Season with salt and pepper When boiling turn down heat partially cover with lid and cook for 1 hour 4 Serve over herbed quinoa couscous March 2009 integrativetherapies columbia edu

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