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HISTORIA A PUBLICATION OF THE EPSILON MU CHAPTER OF PHI ALPHA THETA AND THE EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY HISTORY DEPARTMENT VOLUME 20 2011 EDITOR IN CHIEF Tara Carnahan EDITORS Jeana Callahan Melissa Greco Christopher Kernc Laura Mondt EDITORIAL BOARD Aaron Denman Steven Fuller David Mejia Katherine Payne Lace Walton FACULTY ADVISOR Dr Michael Shirley LETTER FROM THE EDITORS The editors of the 2011 issue of Historia are proud and excited to present this historical journal composed of papers written by our fellow students As in the past this year s articles cover a wide array of topics and a variety of historical periods There were a record number of submissions this year and we are confident that through a diligent anonymous and democratic selection process we have chosen the articles that best showcase the topical range and intellectual depth of our students both within and without the History Department We thank the many students who submitted papers whether they were chosen for publication or not and encourage everyone to submit papers again next year It was our decision that the Chicago style of indenting the first line of each footnote would be abandoned in favor of justifying them to the left margin which we think improves both readability and appearance We would like to thank our faculty advisor Dr Michael Shirley for his continuing patience and guidance throughout the entire publishing process We would not have succeeded without Dr Shirley s support and timely humor which was priceless We also would like to thank Dr Anita Shelton and Ms Donna Nichols as well as the entire history faculty for their support and assistance Finally we would like to thank the alumni for their continued support of Historia we are grateful to have them as our readers We thank you all and hope you enjoy this edition of Historia The Editors TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUME 20 The Quakers and Conscientious Objection Tara J Carnahan 1 The Rise of Capitalism in the Antebellum Northeast a Historiographical Review John Goldsworthy 20 Warrior Queens Gender and Female Soldiering During the Civil War Jeana Callahan 30 The Farmers Tower The Development of the Tower Silo Loran Berg 38 An Act to Prevent Procreation of Confirmed Criminals The Origins of Sterilization in Indiana Laura Mondt 56 Black Diamonds The Rise and Fall of the Northern Illinois Coal Industry Christopher Kernc 71 Keeping Time Institutionalizing Jazz in 1930s American Schools Tim Aberle 84 Growth of Mail Order Marketing in Illinois Katherine Payne 97 Diversity among Hawaii s Children during World War II Jarrod Taylor 100 The Architecture and Development of the Mary J Booth Library Stephanie Lee Martin 109 Not Without Hope The Our Lady of the Angels Fire and School Safety Reform in Late 1950s America Geoffrey A Zokal 129 Pentagon Papers National Security and Prior Restraint Tom Kiely 138 The History of Satan Jeremy Hostetler 154 Out With the Old and In With the New Competing Imperial Models and the Political

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