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Core Section Curation Background Upon recovery from the drill floor each section of a core must be identified and catalogued A detailed curation system was developed for identification purposes and to maintain the integrity of the core samples Every piece of core retrieved from the ocean floor must be labeled and listed It must also remain in the orientation in which it was formed Once the core pieces are checked and verified the core is cut lengthwise into two halves the archive half and the working half The archive half is kept intact while the working half is used for sampling and testing purposes Both halves are equally important and every possible effort is put forth to protect them Through proper curation techniques many individuals can study the core for years to come Curation and on board testing should be completed by the time the ship returns to shore when both core halves are sent to a repository for storage These facilities provide a climate controlled environment that allows for the accountable and safe protection of all core sections Learning Objectives Report sheets see page 4 Students will be able to Markers pens Tape Sections of broken rock optional TM Teaching for Science Learning for Life www deepearthacademy org Use their prior knowledge plus the guides and materials provided to catalogue and label one or more core samples National Science Education Standards Standard D Earth and Space Science Standard G History and Nature of Science for grades 9 12 Ocean Literacy Principles 1 Earth has one big ocean with many features 2 The ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of Earth 7 The ocean is largely unexplored Target Age Grades 9 12 undergraduates Time One class period Materials Expedition 309 poster with color core photos The Hole Story About Ocean Cores Labeling instructions Vocabulary Use your textbook the information provided above and or geological dictionaries to define the following terms curation orientation What To Do 1 Choose a core section photo to label The more intact the core is the fewer labels you ll need to make Align a report sheet with the core you are processing Use extra sheets taped together as needed to sketch the entire core Be sure to include every piece 2 Using the labeling instructions number and label each piece in the core section on the labels provided small rectangles on the report sheet Note Assume your core is a working half Core Section Curation 3 Place arrows along the left side of your drawing to indicate the direction of orientation The arrows should point toward the top of the core section The top of the poster is the top of your core Analysis 1 Why is it important to label core sections before their use in scientific research 2 Why must the core remain in the formation orientation before during and after the curation process Extensions 1 Use the broken rock provided by your instructor to complete the following a Carefully

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