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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 1978 Vol 36 No 11 1302 1309 Effects of Erotica Upon Men s Loving and Liking Responses for Women They Love Thomas A Pyszczynski Marshall Dermer University of Wisconsin Milwaukee University of Kansas In two studies the construct validity of the Rubin Love scale and its discriminant validity in relation to the Rubin Liking scale were examined In Study 1 males were asked to describe their loved ones on a series of measures after having been exposed to either erotica or control materials Analysis of the within condition correlations revealed convergent and discriminant patterns indicating construct validity Analysis of covariance also revealed convergent and discriminant patterns Only scores on the Love measures reliably increased from the control to the erotica condition In presenting a behavioral analysis of the differential impact of erotica upon Love as opposed to Liking scale responses it was assumed that a women are more likely to reinforce suitors for emitting statements more similar to the Love than to the Liking items and b men are more likely when sexually aroused than when not aroused to express statements more similar to the Love than to the Liking items to their loved ones In Study 2 a series of surveys offered support for these assumptions Overall the results were interpreted as corroborating the construct validity of the Love scale and were embedded within a behavioral analysis of love in general and the determinants of Love scale responses in particular Rubin 1970 denned love as an attitude held by a person toward a particular other person involving predispositions to think feel and behave in certain ways toward that other person p 265 In conceptualizing love as a hypothetical construct and conforming with Cronbach and Meehl s 1955 description of construct validation Rubin developed a measure of romantic love and showed it to be moderately independent of a measure of liking Perhaps because Rubin conceptualized love to be a predisposition construct validation This research was supported by the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Special thanks are due Cardell Jacobson for encouraging us to conduct this study and Jeffrey Edelstein Nathan Glassman and Robert Rinka for serving as experimenters We also wish to thank Robert A Baron George Levinger and Zick Rubin for their comments on an earlier version of this manuscript A portion of this research was completed while the second author was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Requests for reprints should be sent to Marshall Dermer Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee Wisconsin S3201 efforts in contrast to research on liking have primarily involved an examination of between person covariation Dion Dion 1976 Rubin 1970 1973 1974 The specification of situational variables that control Love and Liking scale responses has not however been emphasized Homans 1974 p 66 has suggested

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