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Pile of selected Slides Tal Lavian tlavian nortel com www nortel com drac Advanced Technology Research Nortel Networks August 18th 2005 Optical Networks Change the Current Pyramid x10 George Stix Scientific American January 2001 DWDM fundamental miss balance between computation and communication 2 New Networking Paradigm A global economy designed to waste transistors power and silicon area and conserve bandwidth above all is breaking apart and reorganizing itself to waste bandwidth and conserve power silicon area and transistors George Gilder Telecosm 2000 Great vision LambdaGrid is one step towards this concepts LambdaGrid 3 A novel service architecture Lambda as a Scheduled Service Lambda as a prime resource like storage and computation Change our current systems assumptions Potentially opens new horizon The Network is a Prime Resource for Distributed System Large Scale Computation Visualization Network Person Storage Instrumentation Integrated SW System Provide the Glue Dynamic optical network as a fundamental Grid service in data intensive Grid application to be scheduled to be managed and coordinated to support collaborative operations 4 From Super computer to Super network In the past computer processors were the fastest part peripheral bottlenecks In the future optical networks will be the fastest part Computer processor storage visualization and instrumentation slower peripherals eScience Cyber infrastructure focuses on computation storage data analysis Work Flow The network is vital for better eScience How can we improve the way of doing eScience 5 Data Schlepping Scenario Mouse Operation The BIRN Workflow requires moving massive amounts of data The simplest service just copy from remote DB to local storage in mega compute site Copy multi Terabytes 10 100TB data Store first compute later not real time batch model Mouse network limitations 6 Needs to copy ahead of time L3 networks can t handle these amounts effectively predictably in a short time window L3 network provides full connectivity major bottleneck Apps optimized to conserve bandwidth and waste storage Network does not fit the BIRN Workflow architecture Limitations of Solutions with Current Network Technology The BIRN networking is unpredictable a major bottleneck specifically over WAN limit the type way data sizes of the biomedical research prevents true Grid Virtual Organization VO research collaborations The network model doesn t fit the BIRN Workflow model it is not an integral resource of the BIRN Cyber Infrastructure 7 Problem Statement Problems BIRN Mouse often requires interaction and cooperation of resources that are distributed over many heterogeneous systems at many locations requires analyses of large amount of data order of Terabytes requires the transport of large scale data requires sharing of data requires to support workflow cooperation model Q Do we need a new network abstraction 8 BIRN Network Limitations Optimized to conserve bandwidth and waste storage

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