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Fashion Image FSHN 2309 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Class Schedule Thursdays Northridge PB3 7 05 9 45pm Spring semester 2010 Instructor Kathy M Walton Phone 223 7213 HBC 103 3 Call or email for questions or appointment E mail kwalton austincc edu Mailing Physical Address Highland Business Center Room 103 3 Customized Training 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd Austin TX 78752 METHOD OF PRESENTATION Classroom COURSE DISCRIPTION FSHN 2309 FASHION IMAGE 3 3 0 Instruction in the techniques used to analyze the fashion image of individual clients Emphasis on personal coloring seasonal color harmonies appropriate fabric textures body proportion and silhouette figure facial and hair analysis and wardrobe coordination Study of fashion image consultant business practices and job qualifications Offered in Spring Skills R Course Type W REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS MATERIALS ISBN 978 1 56367590 4 Title Your Personal Style 2009 Publisher Author Fairchild Nancy Plummer Statement of Purpose The primary purpose of this course is to broaden the perspective from which you view self image related to fashion Much of what we will do in this course involves the application of color self image and clothing grooming aspects that impact the way people look and the perceptions associated with image If you have studied these disciplines you will have an advantage over students who have not If you have not studied any of them previously you may find areas that you wish to pursue by doing further study Objectives When you have completed this course you should be able to 1 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of image in today s fashion culture 2 Analyze the dress of a particular social group or individual and communicate image related information with the class 3 Manipulate elements of image to achieve a specific goal INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY This course will be taught via traditional and non traditional classroom methods To be successful in this class students must be motivated responsible organized and self disciplined learners Each student is responsible to maintain satisfactory progress during the semester by reading the course materials accomplishing the required projects attending and participating in class and taking the required exams by the deadlines The flow of the course will be week to week with specific assignments and activities due each week Deadlines are clearly stated see course calendar to assure that you will not fall behind and they will be enforced All course expectations must be completed by the end of the semester All tests and assignments are mandatory Projects turned in after a deadline will receive a 10 point penalty per day late Missing assignments and or projects will receive a grade of zero Projects may be turned in prior to due dates All exams will be administered at the testing centers and will be closed book REQUIREMENTS Readings and Abstracts 100 points Each week you will need to complete the assigned readings from the textbook In addition research and share five articles with the class throughout the semester Exams 200 Points 100 points each There will be two exams based on the textbook closed book to be taken at the testing centers The exams will be a series of short essays based on the book and class material You will need a writing tool to complete the exams All policies of the testing centers will be enforced See www2 austincc edu testctr for requirements schedules and policies Application Project 1 100 points You will need to complete and turn in to the instructor by February 25 Self Study of Image Take a look at your own personality as it relates to your style of dress Determine the image and lifestyle trends that influence your look and discuss them in a research paper The paper should be 500 1000 words in length and submitted electronically Word format please Include three images that reflect your style either photos of you or photos you find that reflect your style and include them in a paper Cite any sources you use in APA format Application Project 2 200 points You will need to complete and present to the class according to the schedule see sign up sheets Style Study of an Image Trendsetter Select a specific individual or fashion category well known in the fashion world and study the influences they have had on fashion image locally regionally or globally Some examples of individuals include any of the first Ladies or other political figure celebrities like Brittany Spears Audrey Hepburn or Elton John or athletes like Lance Armstrong Examples of fashion categories would be groups like Native Americans religious groups such as Hindu maternity wear uniforms of a specific group like the military people with obesity bikers dressing for job interviewing etc Select your theme and submit it to me by February 10 for approval You will research the topic develop and deliver a 20 oral presentation to the class April 1 8 or 15 You will illustrate your presentation using Powerpoint or other visual format Team Application Project 3 300 points You will be assigned to a Learning Team for collaboration in a group application project Your team will conduct an extreme makeover for a specific person Your team will 1 select the cooperative person 2 develop a strategy for the makeover 3 organize the work and make individual assignments 3 implement your makeover and 4 create a series of 10 30 PowerPoint slideshow to document and illustrate your results during our Extreme Makeover Reveal class your model may participate Your group will receive a collective score for the final project however each team member will submit an evaluation of each team member s contribution Individual performance may result in a reduction of project points based on contribution This project is due on May 6 Attendance 100 points There will be opportunities for you to share ideas perspectives discuss current events share a news item etc throughout the course You will be able to earn 7 points a week by attending class There are 5 bonus points possible if you attend all classes GRADING SYSTEM 1000 900 points A 899 800 points B 799 700 points C 699 600 points D Less than 599 points F SCHEDULE January 21 Orientation January 28 Chapter 1 Image Trendsetter demo on Princess Diana February 4 Chapter 2 3 abstract 1 due February 11 Chapter 4 Image Trendsetter theme submitted Abstract 2 due February 18 Team work day February 25 Chapter 5 6 Application 1 paper due March 4 Mid Term Exam testing center March 11 Chapter 7 8 Abstract 3 due March 18

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