Analog Floating-Gate


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IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL VOL 5 NO 5 OCTOBER 2005 1027 Analog Floating Gate On Chip Auditory Sensing System Interfaces Paul Hasler Senior Member IEEE Paul D Smith Member IEEE David Graham Student Member IEEE Rich Ellis and David V Anderson Senior Member IEEE Abstract This paper describes our current efforts toward creating cooperative analog digital signal processing systems for auditory sensor and signal processing applications We address resolution issues that affect the choice of signal processing algorithms arriving from an analog sensor We discuss current analog circuit approaches toward the front end signal processing by reviewing major programmable analog building blocks and showing how they can be interconnected to create a complete system We also discuss our current IC approaches using this technology for noise suppression as well as our current analog signal processing front end system for speech recognition Experimental data is presented from circuits fabricated using a 0 5 m nwell CMOS process available through MOSIS Index Terms Analog cepstrum analog hidden Markov model HMM analog signal processing ASP analog speech enhancement in noise analog speech recognition analog vector quantization VQ auditory signal processing floating gate circuits N EW advances in analog very large scale integration VLSI circuits have made it possible to perform operations that more closely reflect those done in digital signal processing DSP applications or that are desired in future DSP applications With these advances analog circuits and systems can be programmable reconfigurable adaptive and at a density comparable to digital memories for example 100 000 multipliers on a single chip Therefore with both DSP and analog signal processing ASP modalities feasible more options are now available when designing a signal processing system In this paper we will discuss ASP in the context of several audio processing systems The comparable digital algorithms are well understood and since

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