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2009 OSA OFC NFOEC 2009 a1415 1 pdf OMR8 pdf OMR8 pdf Dynamic Distortion Characteristics of Silicon Evanescent Detectors and Phase Modulators Nobuhiro Nunoya Anand Ramaswamy Hui Wen Chen Hyundai Park1 and John E Bowers Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of California Santa Barbara CA 93106 USA 1 Currently working for Intel Corp E mail nunoya ece ucsb edu Abstract The linearity of silicon evanescent modulators and quantum well detectors was measured for the first time An output IP3 of 21 dBm for detectors and a peak phase input IP3 of 2 6 for reverse biased phase modulators was achieved at 500 MHz 2008 Optical Society of America OCIS codes 250 0040 Detectors 250 4110 Modulators 1 Introduction Silicon photonics has been receiving a lot of interest because it opens up the potential to integrate photonics devices with CMOS electronics resulting in complex system functionality at a low cost A technique that bonds III V active material on a Si substrate is one way of realizing photonic devices in silicon 1 Based on this bonding technique a wide range of devices including modulators and detectors have been demonstrated 2 3 Detailed characterization of these devices is essential in determining their feasibility in digital and analog communications systems In this work we focus on the linearity of 1 hybrid silicon evanescent detectors and 2 hybrid silicon evanescent phase modulators Using a conventional two tone measurement technique for the detectors as well as a relatively new dynamic characterization technique for the phase modulators 4 the third order intercept point IP3 is determined Further output IP3s OIP3 for the detectors and input IP3s IIP3 for the phase modulators are compared under various operating conditions including as a function of input optical power and applied bias voltage 2 Linearity of hybrid silicon evanescent detectors A cross sectional structure of the hybrid silicon evanescent photodetector and calculated band diagram at

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