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From RoboNova to HUBO Platforms for Robot Dance David Grunberg1 Robert Ellenberg12 Dr Youngmoo E Kim1 Dr Paul Y Oh2 Drexel University 3141 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19104 dgrunberg drexel edu rwe24g gmail com ykim drexel edu paul coe drexel edu 1 2 Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Abstract A robot with the ability to dance in response to music could lead to novel and interesting interactions with humans For example such a robot could be used to augment live performances alongside human dancers This paper describes a system enabling humanoid robots to move in synchrony with music A small robot the Hitec RoboNova was initially used to develop smooth sequences of complex gestures used in human dance The system uses a realtime beat prediction algorithm so that the robot s movements are synchronized with the audio Finally we implemented the overall system on a much larger robot HUBO to establish the validity of the smaller RoboNova as a useful prototyping platform Keywords Gestures robots robotics dance motion 1 Introduction Several recent artistic productions have incorporated robots as performers For example in 2007 Toyota unveiled robots that could play the trumpet and violin in orchestras 1 In 2008 the Honda robot ASIMO conducted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra 2 And in 2009 robot actors were used in a theater production in Osaka Japan 3 But as of yet the use of humanoid robots in dance has received little attention from robotics researchers and less from the dance community As approached through research in human robot interaction this topic offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature of human creative movement A major problem in developing a dancing robot is that full sized humanoid robots remain very expensive This makes it risky to test new algorithms on these robots because an error that damages the robot could be costly Thus a less costly prototyping platform to test algorithms for larger dance robots would be useful for researchers

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