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Data quality Group members Larry Sugarbaker Sherry Pittam Kevin Gergely Craig Palmer presenter Dec 14 PM Julia Jones scribe presenter Dec 15 Objectives of morning Dec 15 session I Refine research issues Prioritize Or Categorize We chose categorize General problem of data quality in decision making How to determine and communicate uncertainty to decision makers in studies integrating multiple data sources Overarching research question Does uncertainty associated with data quality and synthesis really have an influence on policymaking and plan implementation Category 1 Issues for individual studies in which diverse data sources are combined Knowledge of points where error is introduced a Develop methods of reducing the introduction of error when datasets are created and combined b Develop methods for error measurement and logging at each stage c Develop methods for characterizing relationships among errors additive multiplicative averaging Associating errors with alternative decisions actions Category 2 Issues for sharing of data Can metadata become a part of the dataset a What happens to metadata when multiple sources are integrated b How can metadata management be automated once it is created c How can data standardization help the process of combining metadata from multiple sources d Can open source tools be developed for mapping data content standards to one another II Move on Make a scenario or tell a story or describe how research cycle can be sustained We chose stories Stories are numbered to correspond to the list of research issues above 1 Story the SEEK project focuses on extracting knowledge from one study design to apply to another e g workflow diagram approach of the SEEK project This approach could serve as the template for examining potential sources and types and magnitudes of errors We are not sure whether SEEK is trying to answer questions 1a b c 1 a Sherry OSU Can standardized tools be developed for data entry Larry NatureServ The problem is about

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