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Insights prostate diseases cervical cancer Pap smears inguinal hernia p 287 Fig 11 18 REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS Ch 26 Human Anatomy lecture I Overview A Perineum Fig 26 2 diamond shaped area containing external genitalia reproductive organs ext urethral orifice anus B Genitalia internal external 1 primary sex organs or gonads produce gametes sex cells testes sperm ovaries ova 2 secondary sex organs ducts store transport accessory glands organs II Male Reproductive System KNOW Fig 26 1 A scrotum bag Fig 26 3 1 outpocketing of abdominal wall 2 external location required to reduce temperature for sperm production 3 spermatic cord passes through inguinal canal in abdominal wall 4 cm tunnel cord contains testicular A V nerves lymphatics ductus deferens common site of hernia Fig 11 18 p 287 4 dartos cremaster muscles allow temperature control smooth skeletal B testes singular testis 1 paired oval glands 2 develop in abdominal cavity descend into scrotum 7th month 3 covered by tunica albuginea dense white fibrous connective tissue 4 divided into lobules 5 each lobule has 1 3 tightly coiled seminiferous tubules 6 Histology Fig 26 4 26 6 sketch Repro Page 1 of 5 C Duct system site of final maturation storage transport of sperm seminiferous tubules ductus epididymis coiled into a comma shaped epididymis posterior to testis 6 m testis ductus vas deferens not coiled runs in spermatic cord undergoes peristalsis during ejaculation ejaculatory duct short within prostate gland urethra prostatic membranous shortest segment through urogenital diaphragm spongy penile D Accessory sex glands secrete bulk of semen fluid sperm 1 seminal vesicles 2 elongated paired posterior to bladder 2 prostate 1 single median spherical at base of bladder 3 bulbourethral 2 pea sized inferior to prostate embedded in urogenital diaphragm E Penis KNOW Fig 26 1b 26 9 3 cylindrical masses of erectile tissue numerous blood sinuses which fill expand sketch Repro Page 2 of 5 III Female reproductive system KNOW Fig 26

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