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GRID SECURITY for Grid Computing as Implemented in the Globus Toolkit Steve Sones Layers of Grid Security Grid Security Outline Security components of the Globus Toolkit GSI certificates What is a Web service Grid security with Web services Web service software requirements Demo Conclusions References Grid Security Components of the Globus Toolkit Grid Security Infrastructure GSI Authentication via Certificate Authority CA Community Authorization Service CAS Web Service WS security GSI Certificates for Globus include the following A subject name which identifies the person or object that the certificate represents The public key that belongs to the subject The identity of a Certificate Authority CA that has signed the certificate The digital signature of the named CA Grid Security What is a Web Service A Web service is a unit of application logic Contains objects and methods Accessible via HTTP and SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP allows you to treat the object as local This means you can create an object that has methods and publish it on the web Grid Security More on Web Services The foundation for Web services lies in XML eXtensible Markup Language All the operations methods in Java analogy of a Web service are stated through a WSDL Web Service Description Language file The WSDL file is used to access and call operations on web services Soap Server Grid Security with Web Services CA Certificate Mapping Local Policies Deployment descriptor Soap Request Proxy Certificate Soap Header Request Params Java Component Soap Body Authenticator Authentication Client Client Machine Soap Response Soap Header Response Proxy Certificate Soap Body Soap Client Grid Security Web Service Software Requirements Apache AXIS Toolkit to create and consume Web services for the Java platform implements Web services Apache Tomcat Java 2 Enterprise Edition J2EE application server Apache XML security XML digital signatures and encryption Java SDK Software Development Kit for Java Grid

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