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Score Women Leaders Unit 1 Reading Study Guide by Kathleen Eilers Crandall Introduction Directions Read the paragraphs in the left column Notice the bold words Then fill in the blanks in the right column Some are done for you as examples Then reread the paragraphs and try to answer the critical thought questions at the end of this passage In this course we will read 14 short biographies of women Each of these women worked very hard and often suffered many hardships Each one did something to change the role of women Their efforts changed the entire world These women are proof that the world has many possibilities for women as well as for men 1 we the students and the professor in this course 2 biographies part of speech n C definition written histories of people s lives 3 suffered part of speech definition 4 hardships part of speech n C definition great difficulties 5 Each one Every woman we will read about 6 role part of speech n C definition function responsibilities 7 as well as part of speech conj definition and in addition Of course women were there As soon as the men of Europe began settling in the New World women were with them doing what women were supposed to do 8 9 there as soon as part of speech definition when 10 11 1 13 2019 WL1 1 at the same time that them supposed part of speech verb adj definition expected 12 clearing part of speech While the men were out clearing land hunting or exploring trading or fighting with Indians the women were cooking washing planting gardens and taking care of children definition 13 trading part of speech definition While the men were laying out towns building houses making laws and deciding how people who broke the laws should be punished the women were preserving food for winter cleaning house and making soap and candles 14 laying out part of speech definition 15 should be punished by whom 16 preserving part of speech definition The men preached sermons and told people how God wished them to behave and the women listened

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