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BEVERLYDAN I EL TATU M THE ABC APP TO CREATINGCLIMATES OF ENGAGEMENTON DIVERSECAMPL SES lrt o The Benefits of Englagement Increasingly faculty studentsand administrators alike are recognizingthe importance of engagementacrossdifference as an essential dimension of preparing the next generation for effective participation in a pluralistic E 3 o C 2 o world AAC U 1995 This assess As we consider creating climates of englagement we must be intentional in structurin opportunities to cross the long standing boundaries that separate us in American society ment of the importance of diversity is supported by a growing body of empirical researchdemonstrating the educational benefits of learning in a diverse community Hurtado 1999 For example social psychologistPat Gurin 1999 has found that studentswho experienced the most racial and ethnic diversity in and out of their classroomsshowed the greatestengagementin active thinking processes growth in intellectual engagement and motivation and growth in intellectual and academicskills Moreover thev showed the most engagementduring college in various forms of citizenship the most engagement with people from different racesand cultures and were the most likely to acknowledgethat group differencesare compatible with the interestsof the broader community These resultspersistedbeyond graduation Students with the most diversity experiencesduring college had the most cross racialfriends neighbors and work associatesnine yearsafter college entry The last finding is a particularly powerful one in light of the self perpetuatingpower of segregationin U S society Gurin concludes BEVERLY DANIELTATUM isdeqnof the collegeat Ml HolyokeCollege 22 L T B E R A LE D U c A T t o N F A L L 2 o o o lf institutions of higher education are able tcr bring together studentsfrom various ethnic and racial backgroundsat the critical time of late adolescenceand early adulthood they have the opportunity to disrupt an insidious cycle of lifetime segregationthat

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