Improve the Health of Urban Populations


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American Journal of Public Health Editorials EDITOR Mary E Northridge PhD MPH MT DEPUTY EDITOR Manning Feinleib MD DrPH ASSOCIATE EDITORS Wendy Chavkin MD MPH Don C Des Jarlais PhD Lawrence J Fine MS MD MPH DrPH Michael R Greenberg PhD Paul Halverson DrPH MHSA Jeffrey Levi PhD Richard Neugebauer PhD MPH Dona Schneider PhD MPH Anne Schuchat MD Daniel Wartenberg PhD INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATE EDITORS Mary Bassett MD MPH Harare Zimbabwe Alfredo Morabia MD PhD Geneva Switzerland CONSULTING EDITOR FOR STATISTICS Bruce Levin PhD MA EDITORIAL BOARD Faye Wong MPH RD 2000 Chair Chinua Akukwe MD MPH FRSJ 2000 Maria L S Cervania MPH 2000 Carolyn Clancy MD 2000 Noreen M Clark PhD 2001 Helene D Gayle MD MPH 2002 Lawrence W Green 2001 Marvin Marcus DDS 2001 Kenneth R McLeroy PhD 2001 Marla E Salmon ScD RN 2002 Susan C Scrimshaw PhD 2002 Marcia Stanhope DSN RN FAAN 2002 Lorna Wilson RN MSPH 2000 Ruth E Zambrana PhD 2002 STAFF Mohammad N Akhter MD MPH Executive Editor Executive Director Ellen T Meyer Director of Publications Nancy Johnson Managing Editor Reid Lelong Lowe Production Editor Jan Martin Assistant Production Editor Charlene Royal Administrative Coordinator Ashell Alston Advertising Manager Deborah Fowler Gina Pierelli Edward Medina Publication Assistants CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ronald Bayer PhD Health Policy and Ethics Forum Elizabeth Fee PhD Theodore M Brown PhD Public Health Then and Now Betty Wolder Levin PhD Public Health Matters Sonja Noring MA In Print On Line Hugh H Tilson MD DrPH Notes From the Field June 2000 Vol 90 No 6 Time for a National Agenda to Improve the Health of Urban Populations To achieve the vision of healthy people in healthy communities articulated in Healthy People 2010 1 the United States must do more to promote health and prevent disease in urban areas Despite some significant improvements in health status in the last decade the failure to achieve more than 15 of the goals identified in Healthy People 20002 stems in large measure from the

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