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International Space University Testimony to The Presidential Commission on Implementation of US Space Exploration Policy Margaret G Finarelli ISU Vice President for North American Operations March 3 2004 ISU is Unique and Innovative An international intercultural student body learning from an experienced international faculty to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of space and skills in international teamwork ISU Academic Programs University devoted to space related studies Comprehensive interdisciplinary graduate level coursework Developing team working skills in international intercultural settings Summer Session Program Two month professional development program at leading universities around the world Master of Space Studies Master of Space Management One year programs at ISU s Central Campus in Strasbourg France ISU s Central Campus Strasbourg France ISU Student Research Projects Team projects involving students from many countries and many disciplines Address complex timely space related topics from interdisciplinary perspective Recent exploration related examples Human exploration of Mars Lunar exploration utilizing ISS capabilities Human missions to Titan and Europa ISU Global Impact 100 Summer Session and 50 Masters students from 25 30 countries each year 2000 alumni from 85 countries Pool of hundreds of international faculty and lecturers ISU Graduates Capabilities for space leadership in government and industry Skills to support space exploration activities Network to facilitate international cooperation in future space exploration Drive and enthusiasm to help with the Commission s goal of assuring sustained public interest in space exploration

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