A Defect Tolerant Self-organizing Nanoscale SIMD Architecture


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To Appear Twelfth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems A Defect Tolerant Self organizing Nanoscale SIMD Architecture Jaidev P Patwardhan Vijeta Johri Chris Dwyer and Alvin R Lebeck jaidev vijeta alvy cs duke edu dwyer ee duke edu Department of Computer Science Duke University Durham NC 27708 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Duke University Durham NC 27708 One promising alternative is DNA based self assembly of nanoscale components using inexpensive laboratory equipment to achieve tera to peta scale integration Although much of this technology is in its infancy i e demonstrated in research lab experiments by studying its potential uses for building computing systems architects can gain a deeper understanding of its limitations and opportunities while providing important feedback to the scientists developing the new technologies DNA based fabrication produces precise control within a small area e g 9 m2 enabling the construction of a large number 109 1012 of small nodes computational circuits with 104 transistors that can be linked together using self assembly This produces a random network of nodes due to the lack of control over placement and orientation of nodes that contains defective nodes and links While our work is motivated by DNA based self assembly it is applicable to any technology with similar characteristics e g scaled CMOS with high process variability high defect rates and point to point links between relatively small compute nodes The challenge for computer architects is to efficiently exploit the computational power of the large number of nodes while overcoming two primary challenges 1 loss of precise control over the entire fabrication process and 2 high defect rates This paper presents a SIMD architecture designed to address these challenges The fundamental building block in our architecture is a relatively small node e g 1 bit ALU with 32 bits of storage and communication

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