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Conference Handout Available online at http mit edu fintel www pottsquotecomments pdf Contact Kai von Fintel fintel mit edu The dimensions of quotation Christopher Potts How Multi Dimensional is Quotation 9 2 Problem 2 Whose words whose meanings Kai The theory does not as yet reflect thevon fact Fintel that quotation is the ultimate shifter Part of its usefulness especially for journalists is that iton in effect leaves Speech open who is responsible for the content of the Harvard MIT UConn Workshop Indexicals Acts and Logophors quoted expression This openness is partly captured by the existential quantification in 26 But November evaluation from the speaker to someone else what we would like to do is shift the entire semantic Revised interpetation function The interpretation function is now relativized to at least a spe Potts claim So is that semantic contribution of quoted cificcentral individual a the is interpretation relative to the entity a material has multiple dimensions As a commenter I should probably concentrate on the central claim and if possible probe its solidity So that s what I ll be doing 27 a apricots b apricots Clausal Quotation x x is an apricot x x is a peach Potts handout from today Final for this handout version of sayq 28 a b sayq u e t t sayq S b a utter S b a R D e t R SEM S b b a At present I must stipulate that these are the same entity 10definition Subclausal quotation This is evolved from the initially somewhat simpler two dimensional meaning for sayq It is more complicated for two reasons 29 a quote shift u e t i non declarative complements to quotational sayq make it so that we can t say that the said in thesupply sense of b reported speaker the context must thisasserted entity the proposition denoted by the quoted material so instead there is existential quantification over relations like assert ask exclaim etc that the reported speaker might stand in d SEM S towards the content expresseda by the quoted material quote shift S d a

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