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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR THORN SMITH LABORATORIES ANALYZED QUANTITATIVE UNKNOWNS Steel G Stainless for Ni Cr Si Catalog Number 80 1685 Manufacturer Auric Enterprises Inc d b a Thorn Smith Laboratories Address 7755 Narrow Gauge Road Beulah MI 49617 Phone Number 231 882 4672 MSDS Number TSL 031 Date Prepared February 16 1994 Date Updated March 21 2008 SECTION 1 MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION AND INFORMATION COMPONENTS Chemical Name Common Names Hazardous Components 1 or greater Carcinogens 0 1 or greater Base Metal Iron 60 88 CAS No Synonyms OSHA PEL ACGIV TLV OTHER LIMITS Alloying Elements Chromium 10 30 CAS No OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV OTHER LIMITS Nickel 0 27 CAS No OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV OTHER LIMITS Manganese Molybdenum Phosphorus Titanium 6 6 2 6 7439 89 6 Iron filings iron shavings iron powdered iron reduced 10 5 mg m3 as Iron Oxide N A 7440 47 3 1 5 mg m3 N A 7440 02 0 1 1 mg m3 N A Sulfur Carbon Copper 2 2 6 Silicon Cobalt Niobium Tin 2 2 2 2 SECTION 2 PHYSICAL CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS Boiling Point N A Specific Gravity H2O 1 Approximately 7 Vapor Pressure mm Hg and Temperature No information found Melting Point 2500o F Vapor Density Air 1 N A Evaporation Rate 1 N A Solubility in water N A Water Reactive N A Appearance and Odor Gray black Odorless SECTION 3 FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA Flash Point and Method Used N A Auto Ignition Temperature N A Flammability Limits in Air by Volume N A LEL N A UEL N A Extinguisher Media DO NOT USE WATER OR CARBON DIOXIDE Dry chemical powdered graphite dolomite or sodium chloride Special Fire Fighting Procedures Steel products in a solid state present no fire or explosion hazard Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards N A SECTION 4 REACTIVITY HAZARD DATA STABILITY X Stable Unstable Stable in dry air but readily oxidizes in moist air forming rust Conditions to Avoid Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage Incompatibility Materials to Avoid Reacts with strong acids to product hydrogen gas Hazardous Decomposition Products Metallic

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