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Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 3 Technical Brief G Volume 5 Number 1 20 January 2004 Q01005 doi 10 1029 2003GC000614 AN ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF THE EARTH SCIENCES Published by AGU and the Geochemical Society ISSN 1525 2027 Subduction Factory 3 An Excel worksheet and macro for calculating the densities seismic wave speeds and H2O contents of minerals and rocks at pressure and temperature Bradley R Hacker Department of Geological Sciences University of California Santa Barbara California 93106 USA hacker geol ucsb edu Geoffrey A Abers Department of Earth Sciences Boston University Boston Massachusetts 02215 USA abers bu edu 1 An Excel macro to calculate mineral and rock physical properties at elevated pressure and temperature is presented The workbook includes an expandable database of physical parameters for 52 rock forming minerals stable at high pressures and temperatures For these minerals the elastic moduli densities seismic velocities and H2O contents are calculated at any specified P and T conditions using basic thermodynamic relationships and third order finite strain theory The mineral modes of suites of rocks are also specifiable so that their predicted aggregate properties can be calculated using standard solid mixing theories A suite of sample rock modes taken from the literature provides a useful starting point The results of these calculations can be applied to a wide variety of geophysical questions including estimating the alteration of the oceanic crust and mantle predicting the seismic velocities of lower crustal xenoliths estimating the effects of changes in mineralogy pressure and temperature on buoyancy and assessing the H2O content and mineralogy of subducted lithosphere from seismic observations Components 3919 words 1 dataset Keywords Equation of state density P wave Poisson s ration S wave Index Terms 3919 Mineral Physics Equations of state 3660 Mineralogy and Petrology Metamorphic petrology 8124 Tectonophysics Earth s interior composition

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