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Implementing Software Defined Radio a 16 QAM System using the USRP2 Board Project Proposal Patrick Ellis Scott Jaris Dr In Soo Ahn Dr Yufeng Lu December 14 2010 Project Summary Software Defined Radio takes what used to be physically ingrained within the radio and provides a variety of hardware and software alternatives that add to it more flexibility and functionality This project looks to implement a 16QAM communication system using a baseband receiver and transmitter and two USPR2 boards It will show the benefits of Software Defined Radio SDR and will demonstrate the power flexibility and advantages that it gives the designer through the ease of modification that it provides This project does however require a great amount of new unfamiliar software which may prove to be one of its biggest challenges Complete Description Background Software Defined Radio as defined by the SDR Forum is a Radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined Together the above components will allow the realization of a SDR 16QAM communication system Each component will be discussed in detail and then the overall system will be explained in the process Goals The progressive goals of the project are listed as follows 1 Design16QAM transmitter and receiver modules using GNU Radio companion no USRP2 board or noise used at this point 2 Add simulated noise resources to the communication channel within the prior system to introduce fading and multipath effect 3 Design Decision Feedback Equalizer system to fully recover the transmitted data at the receiver end 4 Explore the capabilities of GNU radio and boards by small side projects such as an FM receiver in order to more fully encompass the capabilities and span of SDR Equiptment List The entirety of this project will consist of the following software and equipment 1 Two USRP2 Boards Offers a Xilinx Spartan 3 2000 FPGA 14 bit AD and 16 bit DA converters digital up down converters gigabit Ethernet interface

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