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Upper Extremity RT 123 FALL # 2 Forearm Elbow HumerusANATOMY REVIEWFOREARMHUMERUSPowerPoint PresentationReview AnatomySlide 7Test yourselfSlide 9POSITIONINGSlide 11Technique?Slide 13Slide 14Slide 15Slide 16Slide 17Slide 18LAT FOREARMSlide 20ELBOWSlide 22Slide 23Slide 24Slide 25Will This Work?Slide 27Slide 28Slide 29Slide 30Slide 31Slide 32Slide 33Slide 34Slide 35Slide 36NOT COVERED IN 123Review anatomySlide 39Slide 40POSITIONS?Slide 42Slide 43Fat padsCoyle MethodSpecial postion for Radial HeadSlide 47Coyle method radial head & capitulumSlide 49Slide 50Slide 51Slide 52Slide 53Slide 54Slide 55Greater tubercle Lesser tubercle in profile in external rotation internal rotationSlide 57Lateromedial humerus Mediolateral humerus Taken “AP” “Taken PA”Slide 59Slide 60Projection ? – For?Distal Humerus (poss fx) Poor position distally - better position not good Rad ProtEpi’s are ┴ do not move arm if fracture is suspected!Slide 64“STOP SIGN” PROJECTIONSlide 66LAT PROXIMAL HUMERUSTRANSTHORACIC LATERAL FOR PROXIMAL HUMERUSSlide 69Slide 70Slide 71“FILM” CRITIQUESlide 73Slide 74Slide 75Slide 76Slide 77RADIOGRAPHIC ANATOMY REVIEWSlide 79Slide 80Slide 81Slide 82Slide 83Slide 84Slide 85Slide 86Slide 87Slide 88Slide 89Slide 90Slide 91PATHOLOGYSIMPLE BONE CYSTSlide 94Slide 95Fat pad sign w elbow injuryRADIAL HEAD FXSlide 98Monteggia fracture- disclocation of radial head and displaced fx of ulnar shaftGallezzi FXSlide 101POSITIONING CHALLENGES not for the beginner!Slide 103Slide 104Don’t attempt until Trauma Radiography LectureEndUpper Extremity RT 123 FALL # 2 Forearm Elbow Humerus byMerrills – Ballinger Vol 1BontragerMosby PublicationsREV OCT 20111ANATOMY REVIEWFOREARMELBOW HUMERUS2FOREARM3HUMERUS45Review Anatomy67Test yourself89POSITIONING 1011Technique?12FOREARMAPLATERAL131415161718LAT FOREARM192020ELBOW•AP•LATERAL•AP OBLIQUE–INTERNAL OBLIQUE–MEDIAL ROTATION•AP OBLIQUE–EXTERNAL OBLIQUE–LATERAL ROTATION212223242526Will This Work?INTERNAL ROTATION27*28EXTERNAL ROTATION293031323334Not part of series notes = lecture for what to do when arm cannot be flexed3536This will not open up space Distorts anatomyNOT COVERED IN 12337Review anatomy383940POSITIONS? 414243Fat pads44Coyle MethodLecture only –Not done in lab45Special postion for Radial Head4647Coyle methodradial head & capitulum coronoid process and trochlea, •Pg 154,155•Lat elbow with hand pronated – tube angled4849HUMERUS•AP•LATERAL (DISTAL)50515253using shields when collimator head cannot be rotated.545556Greater tubercle Lesser tuberclein profile inexternal rotation internal rotationProximal HUMERUS57Patient positioning for AP humerus image when fracture is located close to shoulder.58Lateromedial humerus Mediolateral humerus Taken “AP” “Taken PA”596061Projection ? – For?62Distal Humerus (poss fx)Poor position distally - better position not good Rad Prot63Epi’s are ┴ do not move arm if fracture is suspected!64“STOP SIGN”PROJECTIONLATERAL HUMERUS6566LAT PROXIMAL HUMERUSTO BE COVERED WITH SHOULDER – CH 567TRANSTHORACIC LATERALFOR PROXIMAL HUMERUSNON TRAUMA6869QUESTIONS ?7071BEGIN (week 9)Part 3 of Upper Ext here“FILM” CRITIQUE727374A-SHOWSINSUFFICIENTROTATION75B- OVER FLEXED, HAND NOT LATERAL (ROTATION)7677RADIOGRAPHIC ANATOMY REVIEWTEST YOURSELF7879808182838485868788899091PATHOLOGY92SIMPLE BONE CYST939495Fat pad sign w elbow injury9697RADIAL HEAD FX979899Monteggia fracture-disclocation of radial head and displaced fx of ulnar shaft99Gallezzi FX100101POSITIONINGCHALLENGESnot for thebeginner!102103104Don’t attempt until Trauma Radiography Lecture105End More Path on lecture 3Review for next

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